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  1. ROM Resurrection Remix 6.0 MM

    Thanks for the updates guys. Keep them coming! I might switch off CM13 for this!
  2. Sometimes the data would get wonky for me on older builds. Check Settings>Mobile network settings> Access Point Names and test out the 3 listed to see if you get data. Currently I'm on the bottom U.S. Cellular one and have no issues with LTE. EDIT: Your issue happened to me when I had my S3. I think the fix was downloading some 3rd party APN editing software and pushing the values to the phone. I don't remember 100% though. Good luck!
  3. MMS seems to be working on the 12/21 update and Textra. I haven't done 12/27 yet. Purely because I'm lazy. Charging is working fine for me. (Battery life is quite good too) I use a combination of wireless and wired depending on the situation. Have you tested multiple chargers / cables? The USB ports do go bad on phones due to use, that's why I try to do mostly wireless. I recently had a friend who shorted the USB charging circuit on his phone and can only charge it wirelessly now.
  4. I actually pulled the stock apns-conf.xml file off a non-rooted S5. I used that with CM12, but for some reason I can't replaced the apns file in this ROM. I haven't really tried that hard to figure out why. I'll update here if I get it working and the results.
  5. 12/18 is running well and BT is working again. So far I'm having minor issues. Can't download attachments through the Mail app. MMS is still being weird. I can receive MMS texts, but only if they are less than 160 chars. If it's more than 160, I just don't get it. Tried, Handcent, Textra, and the stock Messaging app. 12/21 is out and I will probably try it later.
  6. I'm going to try 12/18 today. I'll report back!
  7. Thanks for the info. Going to try it out later today. I'll post what I get.Sent from my SM-G900R4 using Tapatalk P.s. I'm running 12/09 now. Have been issues with Bluetooth and MMS with stock app. Textra works great.Sent from my SM-G900R4 using Tapatalk That actually cropped up today on me too. Boot to recovery and wipe the cache. It worked for me for a few hours now....crossing my fingers that it worked. Not having BT is super annoying with a Moto 360 I had the issue with the SMS as well, for some reason it is defaulted to not split the message and it doesn't work, I set mine to split by word and it works fine now. Are you using Textra?
  8. FYI - Just tried the 12/17 update and it boot looped even after several clean installs. Went back to 12/9, also did a clean wipe for the hell of it. Still having issues sending text messages longer than 160 chars with Textra or the stock messageing app. So far that has been the only issue I noticed.
  9. Crap Data When Roaming

    Ah.... let me try to give a little more information. Maybe I'm the only one with an issue. I live in Milwaukee and travel to Chicago a few times a year and never ever had an issue with LTE/3G until I made the switch from 4.4 to 5.x. All of the Lollipop ROM's have the issue for me. I've tried just about every one on the Team USCC site. It'd def something with the APN's. I used to be able to manually enter in APN's but none of the 5.x ROM's allow me to edit or add APN's they always disappear or will not save. I've got a nationwide plan and have visited other cities before and at least had 3G. Now I'm lucky to have 1x. Funny side note. Looks like USCC is upgrading their website at the moment so I can't even get on their site!
  10. So I've currently settled on the Resurrection Remix 5.1.1 ROM and it works quite well....except for data when roaming. I've noticed this is pretty common with all the ROM's I've tried. I'll be going on a bit of a road trip and want roaming data. My only idea currently is to flash back to stock / root / debloat and live with it. Any other thought?
  11. I agree. I have tried several and they all have issues ranging from terrible WiFi to data hand off to no data, to horrible service. Kinda hoping there would be on that was at least stable for a DD, but no luck so far. Tried Fusion 5.1.1 and Team Nocturnal 5.1.1. Both are pretty rough to use daily and frequently restart on their own or just have no service. Anyone have better experience with any of the other ROMs?
  12. I'm using Philz recovery and doing full wipes. I see there is a 2/19 update that I'm going to try today. I haven't noticed GPS issues, but I don't really use it that often.
  13. Ha after a few reboots and a reinstall the 2/16 version was working great except Bluetooth streaming audio. Then I updated to 2/17 just now and now back to no data. Haha go figure. I'll let it sit a bit and see if it eventually registers with USCC. edit: Oddly enough cellular data works, just not calling or texting. I can surf the web no problem. edit2: welp after 3 hours texting and calling was not restored. Tried a few more reboots and playing with calling and airplane mode, but nope. Went back to the 2/16 update calling and texting work just fine.
  14. Yep, I have the file from the Fusion site and used the lp Gapps. I'm going to try again and see if the APNs are good. I stupidly didn't check before I flashed my backup.
  15. So installed the ROM and Kernel tonight, got the message "No cellular Data" when I tried to call even though the 4G icon was there and had bars. I tried to wipe / re-install several times, but no dice. I didn't have a ton of time to mess around so I restored and am good to go again. Any ideas?