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  1. Educate me on Pixel XL and USCC

    I'm betting that is only if the phone is activated on their network. Either way, Verizon has said they will be updating the phones the exact same date/time as Google is updating their phones so I guess we have to hope they stick to their word.
  2. Educate me on Pixel XL and USCC

    Alright, my friend was able to get his 32 GB XL activated last night, so I can confirm that a Best Buy/Verizon purchased Pixel is able to be activated on USCC with no trouble. Apparently the person he spoke to the first time trying to get the phone activated was a bit challenged...
  3. Educate me on Pixel XL and USCC

    Apparently someone was able to unlock the Verizon boot-loader today. According to Verizon themselves it's unlocked regardless of SIM or anything.
  4. Educate me on Pixel XL and USCC

    From Verizon; I asked a more thorough question before this, but this was the answer I finally got. You: When the phone is purchased is it unlocked right away (like the iphone) or does Verizon have to unlock it? Chris: The device is unlocked at the time of purchase. Chris: A Chris: And can be added to other services if they accept the device. You: ok, thank you for that information. I'm still deciding on what phone to get, but that information is very helpful
  5. Educate me on Pixel XL and USCC

    Well since I'm a Verizon customer, I'm going to ask them to see if they can let me know. No use in my friend returning his phone and ordering from Google if it will work.
  6. Educate me on Pixel XL and USCC

    Maybe because those networks can't be CDMA locked (given they're GSM)...the interesting thing would be whether one of the Verizon ones worked on Sprint or USCC...
  7. Educate me on Pixel XL and USCC

    Ok, so then you're saying the Verizon version should work on USCC (or at least it's working on AT&T and Tmo)? Now I'm confused...
  8. Educate me on Pixel XL and USCC

    Yeah, I believe he got the Really Silver from Best Buy. He's going to take it back and order it from Google, so hopefully they will activate that one once it ships out to him. Stay tuned...
  9. Educate me on Pixel XL and USCC

    OK, I'll have him return the phone to Best Buy, and get one ordered off the Google Store, thanks for the help!
  10. Educate me on Pixel XL and USCC

    OK, and we're 100% sure the Verizon Model (which it sounds like he got) can't be activated on any other carriers (USCC specifically).
  11. Educate me on Pixel XL and USCC

    Shoot, I could have sworn that I read the Verizon version was SIM unlocked and could be used on other carriers somewhere.
  12. Educate me on Pixel XL and USCC

    He said it didn't have any specific Verizon branding, but did have a Verizon SIM in the device when he got it...Looking at Best Buy's listings, it states that it is a "Verizon" model, so maybe that is the issue. I thought it was like the iPhone...where it's technically sold by Verizon with their SIM, but it's not SIM locked to Verizon and could be activated on any carrier. Thoughts?
  13. Educate me on Pixel XL and USCC

    So my friend got a Pixel XL from Best Buy, and tried to call in and have it activated by telling them it's a 5X. They told him the system wouldn't recognize the IMEI number as 5x...they were going to push him to tech support but he got a little gun-shy given it's not actually a 5x and I'm helping him through the process. Any recommendations/suggestions for him to get that phone up and running? Does that fact that he bought it from Best Buy make a difference (vs right from Google)? My guess is he just talked to someone stupid in CS, and a tech would be able to get it set up, but I just wanted to make sure I wasn't missing anything. Thanks!
  14. Google Project Fi

    So I'm considering helping my father in law switch to FI since he has USCC right now, and through all my research, it should be a better value for him since he wants to get a new phone, and is constantly looking to pay as little as possible for everything (...haha) but needs good coverage when he's driving for work. He barely uses 1 GB a month: so, I was thinking FI + Nexus 5x ($30+$8.29) would put him well below even the cheapest option with USCC and getting a new phone that's an upgrade from his LG G3 right now. I might even be able to talk him into the 6p for the extra $8 a month. So, TL;DR...has anyone switched from USCC to FI and noticed any discernible quality drop in coverage or speed where they normally got USCC coverage in the past?