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  1. Yup. Been there, done that.
  2. Have tried in the past with no success. Sorry.
  3. Dice is right. This is USCC only. Will break data/mms on all others most likely.
  4. PAC has always been my go to. Works great, excellent battery, and all the features I am used to. With dev fairly dead for the S2, I'm pretty stable with PAC until I step out to the Note 3, and then the wife will likely get my S2 with FK19 or FL26 flashed. At least that's the plan.
  5. I'd throw them up for ya 'roidz, but I cleaned out the clutter, and don't have it lying about anymore. Sorry.
  6. No echo on calls? That's kind of why I stuck with PAC 22.0.1. Maybe I'll take a look at the latest, and see how it goes.
  7. They used to, maybe he changed his format. Honestly, I haven't looked at them in a very long time.
  8. Go to his post on XDA, flash his tweaks, then use the non-tweaked converter after rebooting recovery. His tweaks are far more up to date, but when you flash them it will set everything back to Sprint. You'll need to use my plain, or inverted converters WITHOUT tweaks after his stuff.
  9. Hard to say really. I've never used black bean, but I've seen others have success with it. Could be remnant data, make sure you are doing a full wipe (system/data/cache/dalvik) before attempting to flash ROM, gapps, reboot recovery, then flash converter. Typically I find when things like this crop up, it's because I didn't start with a clean slate.