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  1. Widget problems

    Haha I have those moments all to often. Thanks for the replies. I should have known it would be something simple. I don't have any task killers running but clearing cache and a quick reboot seemed to help. The sports widget is working fine now. The 1Weather widget is still having problems. I'll try re installing but otherwise it might be time to punt that one even though I really like the layout.
  2. Widget problems

    Hi guys, I'm a lurker and have nowhere near the expertise that you guys have. I have a non rooted GS5 with the latest 4.4.2 KK update. In the past 2 days or so I've noticed my 1Weather widget won't refresh and displays the time from 6-12 hours ago. The stock weather widget functions without issues. The system clock in the upper right also has no problems. I also have an app called TheScore for sports scores and news. This widget won't function either, yet it will still refresh on it's own. It just won't launch the app when I hit a specific area. My Chrome, Google Calendar, Inbox, and other widgets work just fine. The only change I've made is that I enabled Google Now. I thought that might be the problem but I've disabled it and I still run into these issues. I apologize if this is the wrong forum, or if it is a dumb question. Do you guys have any thoughts? It's almost 2am and I"m tired of searching. I thank you in advance for any replies but I've gotta go to bed. Daddy day care starts at about 7.
  3. LG G3 Discussion

    Hi everyone. Occasional lurker here. I just got back from picking up a couple of S5 for the wife and myself. When I asked if he had any info on the LG G3 he said matter of fact "Naw man, we ain't getting that. We'll be sitting with Samsung, Motorola and Apple for the foreseeable future. We just got an email about it last week, let me pull it up." Then he said that they would soon be getting the iPhone 6 and Moto X. I asked if it was X+1 and he said he wasn't sure. It just said Moto X. THen he told me they would get an LG tablet (after saying they wouldn't get any LG) so who knows what he knows. Don't shoot the messenger. I'm just passing along what I heard tonight (this was a store in Milwaukee, FWIW).
  4. Jellybean Update on GS3 now available

    What's the story on the Wi-Fi Now app? It seems to me that it's just something to run in the background and store various networks, while sucking up battery juice. Since the network tool already stores my networks, what is the point of it? Any insights?
  5. what case?

    I got the ACase too. Saved me from one drop already. My only gripe is that the rubber part is a little loose around the edges.
  6. I went past it too. When I went to the app and signed up I only got 2GB. A few minutes later, I got an email to watch a few tutorial videos to get the remaining 48GB
  7. Official "I just got the S3" thread

    Are you saying that our USCC GSIII has a SIM card? Yes it does. Have your old phone turned off and call 611. They walked my wife and I through it and it was a piece of cake.
  8. Official "I just got the S3" thread

    Ugh, my wife just got ours. I'm stuck at work while she gets to play. Guess I might have to go home for lunch
  9. It doesn't have that yet. It won't update until UPS gets it and scans it.Tracking is just saying that the label has been created. Update - Mine now shows shipping from Dallas, TX
  10. It doesn't have that yet. It won't update until UPS gets it and scans it.Tracking is just saying that the label has been created.
  11. SIII Accessory Thread

    I've read that the metal backs do affect the NFC and SBeam but I'm not sure about reception.
  12. Here's an interesting twitter exchange from the USCC account I found this morning - First they say 2 days, and then they say overnight...hmmmmm
  13. USCC Officaly Release Date

    USCC Twitter feed said that tracking numbers will be emailed when your device ships
  14. USCC Officaly Release Date

    According to the post it says "We'll begin shipping the GSIII pre-orders next week, with in store shipments to follow."
  15. USCC Officaly Release Date

    Heck no! We work on a commission basis, the more staff I schedule the more sales I lose. Employees should be able to handle it with no additional support, that was the purpose of the pre order, to lower the amount of lines in stores. Plus, they aren't gonna send 30 gs3s per store. Im guessing each store gets 3-5 per shipment (twice a week), depending on population off their respective areas of course. Swyped while swerving from my Motorola Electrify That would make sense. Thanks for clarifying.