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  1. More Throttling Info... a bit clearer

    The guy I talked to at the Tulsa call center said we wouldn't be throttled when in a home area, just when roaming.
  2. More Throttling Info... a bit clearer

    Well just spoke to a rep while upgrading my son's phone. I live in the part of Oklahoma where USCC says it is considered home but we don't have towers. Three of my four lines are throttled. So, do I call and raise a stink about it or do I just tell my family to hit WiFi every chance they get?
  3. More Throttling Info... a bit clearer

    Ok, what about the few of us who live in the fringe areas of Oklahoma that are constantly roaming, but considered in the home area? Are we going to be considered roaming and subject to throttling or will we continue to be considered home?