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  1. [ROM] CyanogenMod 11 - SCH-R760

    Sorry for resurrecting an old thread, but I have to say 'Thanks'! I needed to re-purpose my old SII to use on WiFi and have it running 4.x.x This thread made it possible and did so easily. So again, Thanks! _Dan
  2. 4G in East Tennessee

    I'm probably gonna wish I'd gotten an S3 now that 4G has hit. I would have bet the farm that KVille wouldn't have gotten before next summer.
  3. Official ICS update?

    Same here, went with GS2's because of the cost of two GS3's wasn't in the budget. One has to wonder if they, Samsung or USCC, is delaying just to drive the sales of the S3's or the N2's further...
  4. Official ICS update?

    The filename for the PDF manual on the Samsung site has "ICS" in it - so hoepfully soon!
  5. [Q&A] [ROM] CM9 for SCH-R760 Beta1

    I'm using Swiftkey3 without any trouble. Using the neon skin and it works well for me. (at least I don't think it's to blame for all these bloody REBOOTS!) _sr
  6. [Q&A] [ROM] CM9 for SCH-R760 Beta1

    Tried the Dev cache and fix permissions, rebooted, a screen stating that Android was updating xxx of 108 popped up and then when I unlocked the screen I received the "Process system is not responding." pop up... Drat... Now to see if the random reboots will stop...
  7. Article at Slashgear with some details...
  8. Posting this because it keeps getting asked in shoutbox sessions...
  9. Process System Not Responding

    Mine is rebooting during or after a call, and then when it comes back up Process System errors out. this is not good...
  10. [Q&A] [ROM] CM9 for SCH-R760 Beta1

    One week after going through all that flashing and now the phone is randomly rebooting, most frequently after a call. Then I receive a popup that states 'System Process' has stopped, and I get the 'Wait' or 'OK' buttons...
  11. Seems to keep coming up in chat, I thought I'd post a link to it. this is off of - LINK -
  12. [Q&A] [ROM] CM9 for SCH-R760 Beta1

    Reflashed from scratch. Wi-Fi still not working. was able to retreive GMail and download an App while out and on 3G Back at home on Wi-Fi - nada. GTalk - nogo Play Store - nogo GMail - won't sync... this feels more like a nightly alpha than beta....
  13. [Q&A] [ROM] CM9 for SCH-R760 Beta1

    flashed it last night slowly and carefully over a low heat... buggy - Wi-Fi is acting very funny The indicator keeps going to 'no bars' GMail not loading new messges, last new is over 8hours old, still hasn't loaded messages from 5:06am to now... K9 won't connect to servers. Browser and Dolphin - long load times on pages IF they load... Battery: 48% dropped over 8hrs of which 6.5 were asleep at bedside. and now apps are not installing. Error "Couldn't install on USB Storage or SD card..." Can't wait until I try GPS this afternoon. _sr *EDIT* had to turn off wi-fi to get functionally restored. emails downloaded, apps installed. No Wi-Fi in a beta? kinda basic feature of a smart phone ...
  14. How to ROOT the Galaxy S II FF18

    Went smoothly, had some hic-cups with Busybox but I believe it went through OK. Did not flash the r760 Stock Kernel, I'm going to try to install CM9 Friday night. _sr
  15. [Q&A] [ROM] CM9 for SCH-R760 Beta1

    First run at flashing CM9 onto stock Rooted device. I have some questions. I rooted this even but did not flash over the Stock R760 Kernel... From the " [ROM] CM9 for SCH-R760 Beta1 *Updated 9/7/12* " Thread: Instructions if coming from rooted stock or different Rom. 1) Download CM9+Gapps+Calkulin from the above links 2) Place then on your SD Card 3) Run the installer.bat from the ..... 4) Wait, It will automatically reboot your phone into recovery 5) Flash over Calkins wipe 6) Flash over CM9 7) Flash over Gapps -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- a.) about #2, which SDCard? Internal "/sdcard" or external (added) sdcard "/sdcard/external_sd"? b.) #3 FlashZ's ADB script, what's this doing? with the BusyBox it uses conflict with the one installed during rooting? c.) #5 Calkulins formatting script.... I can't recall exactly but I thought I read something about formatting EMMC causing problems. It might have been for a different ROM, I have been reading tons of stuff the last 24hrs, but just wanted to make sure. - = - = - = - Going have to attempt again Friday night. Rooting it went smooth as silk. _sr