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  1. Root for 5.1.1

    Well that is just a bummer all the way around. There is still so much that was custom, but has now become stock over the years. If it weren't for apex launcher which I happened to buy the pro version, and the ability to hide apps, And pie control, I might actually consider returning the phone. These phones have really come a long way. Trying to figure out if there is a way for me to move all my wifi passwords over to the new phone without pen and paper. The rest of my experience will have to be from apps and my connected devices. Still have the s5 to play with though Sent from my Samsung Galaxy S5 using Tapatalk
  2. Root for 5.1.1

    Always love being around, just life was really busy and winter always provides a opportunity to geek out. Still have a raspberry pi setup and parts in a box waiting to be played with. Gotta get this thing rooted 1st but seems like things are pretty quiet so I figured I would get a walk through with the right files. Also wanted to mention that my build number ends in 0J3 if that helps, and anyone know for sure what root breaks like Samsung pay or anything? ?? Sent from my SM-G920R4 using Tapatalk
  3. Root for 5.1.1

    Heh all. Been MIA on the site for a while and just got the s6 g920r4. My phone is already updated to the latest, as that's how it came. Are the above instructions still true and working from a couple posts up? If so, I am going to try to get my phone rooted tonight so I can get rid of a few apps, get my tethering back, and add back a few apps I need for day to day use. Thanks Sent from my SM-G920R4 using Tapatalk
  4. Belief plan to Shared plan

    Going to keep my 4 line belief plan till the end. Can't beet the price no matter how you swing it. They are trying to force me out of it at evert turn. Take away my belief points. Now I log in and it says I am no longer eligible for any upgrades on any of my lines. 3/4 are all good but there was no way I was going to tell my mother in law she waited for two years and can't have a new phone. Just called and they noted it for a one time exception. Hopefully in two years the plans won't be this complete bullshit scheme they have going.
  5. There are a couple nice things that change going to 5.1 but it really is minor. Once they get it nailed down a but more I think I will change.
  6. Anyone go to the movies lately!?!

    I just prefer Plex over xbmc or any of the others out there. Simple. Keeping everything up to date can be a pain sometimes I guess
  7. I tried it out a little bit when I had a few minutes. Not too bad, but what are the real changes when moving from 5.0-5.1??? I looked around but didn't see much, at least not yet. Insight???
  8. Facebook and Messenger

    I use both new Facebook and messenger. I just freeze the messenger app so I only use the Facebook app.
  9. Anyone go to the movies lately!?!

    Dang snodrog. You'll have to add me to your Plex. You know how much of a fan I am!
  10. Galaxy S6 & S6 Edge Coming To US Cellular

    There's a sucker born every single day! Shakes head....
  11. [New] Points Program Stopping September 1st

    I only have 3200 points. Can't get crap but a stupid gel case or some screen protectors. Took me many months to get that many points.
  12. New Device = New Shared Plan?

    Plus my 21% is off my whole plan because it is a belief plan...take that [emoji13]
  13. New Device = New Shared Plan?

    Moose. One of the phones on my belief plan was ready for a upgrade. Went from a s4 to a note4 on that line. I also added a 4th line to my plan to now my wife has her new iphone6. 1500 shared minutes, unlimited messaging, and 5gb of data for each line. Plus my work discount should be nice. Also they only charged tax and no activation fees on either phone at Walmart.
  14. New Device = New Shared Plan?

    We just went in to Walmart tonight because both locations were closed. She had to call in and they tried to ask about changing plans but I said no. We upgraded one phone on our plan that was due and I added a 4th line. No activation fees on either of the phones.
  15. Lollipop

    I would really love to complain about the slow updates, but I really can't remember the last time I ran a stock ROM and cared about the updates. It was probably when I had the Samsung acclaim.