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  1. Marshmallow update

    It's is available just installed it
  2. Deodexing stock roms

    Trying to download but it just won't
  3. here is the pit file i used JFLTE_USA_USC.pit
  4. i just seen this I have a pit file that I just used to un brick my phone and update to the latest firmware and when it booted up it looks like the knox isnt tripped anymore and device status is official and secure boot status type is samsung
  6. Use slim gapps they have full and minimum
  7. Just reboot into recovery after installing zip. That's how I did it coming from philz recovery.
  8. I got reboots on fusion 5-29 anytime I got a text message or voicemail
  9. Go to play service app manager turn off show notifications it may still happen but won't show you
  10. Only thing I can tell on the fusion rom i posted earlier is NFC transfer isn't working but Bluetooth is
  11. Just flashed this and seems to be running fine and there is a build for USC
  12. 4.4.4 or 5.0 GPE Roms

    On gpe 5.0 and its almost flawless, and I was on gpe 4.4.4. I would always go back to it cause it worked and decent battery buy I'm not looking back in fact I deleted my back up.
  13. Looking to try android 5.0?