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  1. I just got the Note 4 thread

    On a good day... (This is fun )
  2. Waiting in line?

    Thanks for the update USCCworker!
  3. Waiting in line?

    Indeed it is! Kinda frustrating too Different stories all around, but what can ya do lol. Good luck to all!
  4. Waiting in line?

    So... I live in central iowa. I planned on getting up early or maybe waiting in line tonight. I called 6 stores in my area. Only 1 had iPhone 6 Pluses(?) in stock and they were only the 16gb. So if you are waiting in line you might want to double check with your store what they have in stock. Happy Hunting
  5. Well the plot thickens. Talked to another rep today. He said you can get a new phone after a year with device financing but that trade in stuff is non-sense. In order to get a new phone after a year you must pay off the remaining device financing on the first phone (which would be equal to half of the payments) and then sign another device financing contract. This seems more legit as U.S. Cell giving us 50% for a year old phone sounds kinda bunk. They would have to sell the phones for more to make a profit which would bring the cost close to a new phone. Food for thought.
  6. I have more info! Hopefully this helps! I talked to a lady at US Cellular who was super helpful. Since we brought our 2 old phones with us and we owned them we qualified for that 30 discount. If we try and subsidize another phone we lose that 30 discount for whicever line activates the subsidized phone. The only way to keep that 30 discount going forward is to keep device financing. If we do some math we can see that device financing is the way to go. Hopefully my logic is solid If I subsidize the iphone 6 Plus 64gb for 400 bucks I will spend: $400(phone) + ($30 credit I lose a month x 24 months) = $1120 If I device finance and keep my $30 credit I spend: $39.58 x 24 months = $950 (approx) Saving myself $170. Plus I can upgrade in a year (basically selling your phone back for 50% and starting another device financing for 2 years). I was just estimating the phone prices... hopefully I get close. Crazy. Stuff. Thoughts?
  7. Well, I can tell you what we have set up. But I have questions about it too..... things I don't understand and I don't think the people I have talked to at US Cellular understand.... We have that 4 lines 10gb shared connect plan. We brought 2 old phones that were out of contract, s3 s4, and device financed 2 more s4's. Our total bill is something like this. 100 for data + (40- 30 credit for 10gb) 10 x 4 phones = 140. Now add the 25 bucks x 2 for the device financed s4's and we are around $190. Also add in insurance x 4 puts our bill nicely around the $240 spot for 4 phones. As you can see, we got the 30 credit for the 2 "old" phones we already had, plus the 30 credit for the 2 "new" device financed ones. Here's the tricky part. I called and asked about the iphone. The 2 old phone lines are ellible for upgrade at the subsidized price. Do we still get to keep the discount? If I can get an iphone for 200 - 300 instead of financing it and still keep my 30 discount why wouldn't I? What's the benefit of me device financing? I'm so confused..... I can either device finance an expensive iphone and get a new phone in a year per their agreement or get an iphone and keep it for 2 years and only pay the subsidized price.... Hopefully this makes sense. Hopefully someone knows something that I don't. Good luck
  8. Nexus 6 Finally on U.S. Cellular!

    So... with motorola making this nexus x or nexus 6 does that increase our chances any? Hmmm....
  9. So... snowball's chance in hell?
  10. Launchers

    I know using Go Launcher on my electrify really sped up the exprience. Thinking about trying some new ones on my galaxy s3.However, if I decide to use a different launcher will my motion controls still work? Or are those specific to TouchWiz?
  11. Official "I just got the S3" thread

    Starting to unbox mine. Noticed there is a little sticker on the bottom of the box and same sticker that is on the phone that says "Updated"... whatever that means... And to the guy above me, I am also switiching over the sg3 to my line as well. I wouldn't see why they wouldn't honor the $100. Anyone else's thoughts on the matter? I asked in another thread and was advised to use the current number the phone will be activated under as the info on the rebate form too. KushMC what case is that? Sedio Active?
  12. 32GB preorders?

    If it's like the 16gb (which I imagine it is) then yep. Overnight.
  13. 32GB preorders?

    You able to track that guy via UPS yet? No dice here... hehe... probably should just give it some time
  14. 32GB preorders?

    Woot. Got the email!!
  15. 32GB preorders?

    You stand corrected! Looks like preorder emails are going out for the 32gb according to a few people over on the US Cell FB page. One cites delivery for tomorrow. Wanted to pass on the good news! YAY!