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  1. Downloaded and installed a software update this evening. Besides security, anyone know of anything interesting in this build?
  2. I have had mine for a while. I found it handy to get one of the pop sockets to help in the handling of the larger phone.
  3. Well, the article says they are only asking $500 for the whole thing. We could take up a collection.
  4. Thanks for the resources. So it sounds like getting the right cable is key. Any advice on the power supply?
  5. This is my first USB-C phone, and I read all this stuff about bad cords/chargers destroying phones. What have people bought for a second charger/cord for their V20?
  6. Someone on their Facebook page asked about it. Got this response: We are aware of these claims and investigating them. We always take our customers’ privacy seriously, and your trust is very important to U.S. Cellular. ^Andria
  7. Well this might be of interest. https://www.hackread.com/hacker-selling-126-million-us-cellular-customers-data/
  8. Thanks, both of us appreciate it :-)
  9. No worries. Took this long to notice. It will just be for like two people anyway :-)
  10. Not sure why they never created a forum for the V20. I've had one since November 2016. No concerns, holds up well. Running the Quad audio feature does seem to hit the battery harder than I would prefer, but other than that it has remained solid in performance and features so far. FWIW, I'm running it stock, so I can't speak to how well it responds to different roms.
  11. Got mine Monday. So far so good. You can blame USC on the updates as much as LG.
  12. They had one at the AT&T store. Feels nice, not as unwieldy as the 6P. Got my local agent store setting one aside for me when they get them.
  13. Too soon? Any hints on this year's Black Friday?
  14. Early Ordering available on web site Terms for Current Customer renewal: $21.60 for 30 months comes to $648 (Cheaper than the Samsung GS7 which is 22.40 for 30 months comes to $672) Still want to hold it. I thought I wanted the original Nexus 6, until I held it and realized it was just too big for my comfort.
  15. Anyone seen this in a store (not necessarily USCC store)?