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  1. Updated OP link with June's Security Factory boot-new.img, n6f27e.
  2. Latest April 2017 images for boot-new.img posted in OP for the 3 builds.
  3. New factory images today, FOUR OF THEM...I only modded 3 of the boot.img files, AT&T can...well...anyways... N6F26U - Android 7.1.1 NDB92E - Android 7.0.0 MOB31T - Android 6.0.1
  4. Updated boot-new.img files added for February 2017 builds: n6f26r, nbd91y, and nbd91z (nbd91z is labeled as an AT&T only build).
  5. Added latest factory image boot-new.img for MOB31S, which is Android 6.0.1.
  6. Uploaded to main OP download link.
  7. Uploaded to main OP link Android 7.1.1 modified boot-new.img, Build N6F26Q.
  8. Added new December factory boot-new.img files for: NBD91S NBD91U Both Android 7.0.0, and I am unsure as to why there are two 7.0.0 builds...
  9. Updated with November 2016 boot-new.img files for: NBD91P MMB31C MOB31K
  10. Added MMB30Y boot-new.img as well, Oct 2016 update. Just noticed that it was there today.
  11. Android 7.0 images are now live, NBD90Z boot-new.img uploaded.
  12. October boot-new.img posted to link in OP, MOB31H. No sign of MMB version this time, as well as no sign of Android 7.0 images.
  13. September factory images MMB30W and MOB31E released today, corresponding boot-new.img's uploaded to MediaFire link in OP. No official factory images posted yet for Android 7.0.
  14. Do you have the latest Google Dialer installed? Google Dialer
  15. Added August Security Updates: MOB30W and MMB30R