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  1. Unlimited on US Celluar

    Switched my parents account (5 total lines with parents and siblings) to the new Total Plan and saved them $50 per month. Were on 16gb shared for $220 pre-tax. Now have three lines at 2gb apiece (which is plenty) along with two at 6gb apiece. Now down to $170 per month and if my dad sets up the autopay and paperless he'll save $10 more (doesn't apply on old Shared plans). My wife and I are staying with shared plan (6gb total) though. Would be same price with new plan but would be just 2gb apiece instead of 6gb shared.
  2. Any issues activating the 2015 PE on USCC?

    At my local agent store, they charged me $10 for a SIM when I went in to get one for my Pure X.
  3. If you have the Moto X Pure Edition in hand, go to Settings->About Phone->Phone Status->IMEI Information. The MEID is listed there.
  4. I actually bought mine off Swappa in like new condition. All sales through PayPal so there's protection in event of any issues. Personally I'd go 16gb new and get a microsd for cheap (can get decent 64gb for under $20 usually.
  5. Buy a Moto X Pure Edition. Pretty close to pure android and microsd. I love mine.
  6. Marshmallow is here

    Eh, I prefer the Battery Bot app, which places the number indicator in the top menu to the left, but continues to show the number while charging. The stock battery percentage number disappears while you charge, which seems counter-intuitive.
  7. Marshmallow is here

    And 5 minutes after I posted that, I checked and had the update ready. Installed and running 6.0.
  8. Marshmallow is here

  9. Any issues activating the 2015 PE on USCC?

    Is it possible to call CS and have them send a nano-SIM? Or am I better off trying to get one at a local agent store? Will they just give me one, or is there anything I have to do to get one? I just bought a used MPE on Swappa and should be here in a few days, so just want to be prepared to get it up and running right away.
  10. Black Friday

    Thanks. Any iPhone deals?
  11. Black Friday

    Will it be the S6 or the S5? The S5 and G4 are currently on sale at a penny.
  12. I've had this problem for a long time, and is one of the big reasons I rarely visit. I don't want or need Tapatalk just for this forum, and don't want to use ad blockers. Then again, the desktop site can be just as bad with ads taking over the page and the site causing my browser to freeze. Love the site, but the technical aspects of it are very poor, and have continued to turn me off.
  13. Android 5.0 Lollipop Update

  14. Android 5.0 Lollipop Update

    It's here apparently: http://www.androidcentral.com/us-cellular-moto-x-2014-gets-lollipop-update?utm_source=ac&utm_medium=dlvrit
  15. Dialer issue?

    I'm not sure if this is how it's supposed to work or if I'm just getting a bug, but the dialer for this phone seems odd. On my M and X1, the dialer had the keypad on the bottom, a clearly boxed area to type/paste a number, and on top the favorites list. On my X2, the keypad is on the bottom, but the favorites don't show on top (it's just white space) unless I click that area. Also, you can't tell where the area that numbers show up is. Not a big deal if you type in the keypad, but if you try to paste in a number you may have to guess at the white area where the "box" is. Is this normal now?