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  1. Any issues

    I have had one for a few months. Upgraded to this from the S3 around July when it first came out. Signal and battery were a hundred times better. Development is nonexistent, except for rooting (which only took a few minutes). I have had zero issues with it since I got it, except for the roaming issue after the PRL update last week, but I don't necessarily blame that on the phone. As far as not being able to take a screenshot in apps, I haven't had any trouble taking a screenshot in any apps so far. As a matter of fact, there is a dedicated "Quick Memo" button on the side above the volume rockers that not only takes a screenshot, but allows you to scribble or type sketches or memos. I have begun to notice some weird spotting on the screen, like a totally black wallpaper will show some bright pixels, but I believe it's from me sitting on my phone in my back pocket.
  2. Prl updated!

    Nah, only froze the standard bloatware, and the TEDC to enable native hotspot use. I was in my home area and the update finished properly, but I am going to redo the update and check my service in the RDU area again in a few weeks when I'm back in the area. This is something like I was suspecting, but I won't know if redoing the update fixed my issue immediately, but I will report back when I do.
  3. Prl updated!

    I've always known central NC has been roaming for USCC, but to lose only voice service while roaming after the prl update makes me think there was possibly a problem with the update on my phone. I live just east of I-95 and service just blows for the most part.
  4. Prl updated!

  5. Prl updated!

    Sorry for resurrecting a month old thread, but I did this update last week, and didn't notice any improvements or problems until yesterday. I live in eastern NC and travelled to the Raleigh/Durham area, which is always roaming for me, and halfway through the day I received a voicemail notification with no missed calls. Upon dialing my voicemail I was greeted by a recording offering to make a collect call or directing me to purchase a prepaid service card. I'm on postpaid contract service and the bill is up to date. Then I realized my data, text and picture messaging were working as well as they usually do, I just had zero voice service until I returned to my home area. To be fair, I rooted my phone a few days ago after the prl update, and on previous rooted phones with custom roms I had roaming issues that affected both data and voice in the same area, but this time around I only froze a few bloatware apps in Titanium Backup, so I really doubt this affected my service. Anyone else do the prl update and totally lose only voice service while roaming? Im really beginning to think NC has horrible service quality for USCC. It's never really been that great and I've been with them for 5 years now, from feature phone up to 4G. Constant dropped calls, sluggish data, and a lack of phone choices turned into constant dropped calls and sluggish 4G data that I can never actually use even though we have phone choices now. Having 4G is literally nothing other than a selling point. I've had a 4G phone since the early rollout in NC began and have yet to be able to fully utilize 4G. I turn it on every now and then just to see if it'll find 4g, but always have to revert back to 3g to get useable data, even smack dab in the middle of a 4g coverage area, constant data timeouts with webpages not loading and unsent texts/emails. Sorry, off topic /rant
  6. Galaxy S3 pulled off shelves today

    Well, I contacted Samsung through live chat to ask about this list of meid's and whether or not they could check for me, and the response was that they had no information about a USCC S3 recall, and that I could contact USCC for help with any of my issues. So I guess I can't get around the whole calling for days and days to finally get a yes, especially since my S3 has been deactivated since July, guess I will just get the shaft.
  7. Galaxy S3 pulled off shelves today

    I don't spend nearly enough time on these forums once I left my S3 behind for the LG F7, due to horrible reception and an eventual cracked screen. What I can gather from this thread, is that anyone who purchased an S3 from USCC basically got a faulty device. Some people are being compensated through replacement S4's or early upgrade options, while others are just straight up getting the shaft. I mean my S3 has a cracked screen and all, but that doesn't change the fact that I paid 200 bucks for it when it first released, dealt with horrible service for a year, and eventually burned an eligible upgrade and spent another 100 bucks on an entirely different phone, instead of spending 100 on an insurance deductible. Even if I had decided to stay brand loyal and file insurance on an S3 I would have still had a horrible device, and possibly still be getting the shaft on the compensation. They at least need to come out publicly and let us know how exactly they are determining this list of so called eligible devices. I really feel like anyone who purchased a USCC branded S3, regardless of whether or not it is activated should be entitled to some sort of compensation in exchange for the old device back. Instead of "oh crap the S3's are killing our network, so lets compensate these people just to get our network back up to standards, never mind anyone who already jumped ship on the S3, they aren't our problem now." Maybe I am not well informed enough on how they are actually handling this, since I have yet to call in, but this seriously sounds like some class action lawsuit type stuff. Even if a million people sign up and we only get 20 bucks a piece. I just say that because I actually signed up for the EA Sports/Madden class action lawsuit some time ago and received a check for 24 dollars in the mail just recently, random side note lol.
  8. KushMcDieselson and tanked89 - HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

    Totally just realized I got a birthday shout out on the main page haha. Sweeeeeet thanks guys, this is awesome!
  9. Accessories

    Not much activity in this forum, so I might as well start up the obligatory "accessories" thread haha. What cases/screen protectors are you guys using? Right now I am rocking the naked F7, well other than the stickers that came on the phone that I am refusing to take off until I decide on which case to try out. Not too many choices on Amazon right now, other than a ton of cheap rubberized silicone looking cases and the Trident Aegis. I really need a good case since I am hard on phones. I had the Ballistic SG on my S3, and it went through hell and back and held up extremely well. So I think I am going to settle for the Trident until more options come up.
  10. LG F7- First thoughts

    So after breaking my S3 it was this or the EM. I went with the F7. Only had it for about an hour, but so far I love the big, bright screen. The reception is blowing my S3 out of the water, but that could just be the placebo from the new phone effect lol, so I will report back after some use this weekend. The Qslide apps are reminiscent of the Samsung mulitwindow, but slightly better haha. I like the quick memo feature, I'm sure I'll find a use for it. The bigger battery should be legit, but once again I'll know more after a few cycles and a few days at work. My S3 came off the charger at 6am at 100 percent and would maybe last until 4pm. Mainly due to the lack of service at work, so the cell radio constantly drained the battery looking for service, so I'm excited to see how long I hold a charge and keep service at work. All in all, I am happy with the purchase so far.
  11. Switching from S3 to EM

    Like the title says, how many of you switched from the s3 to the EM and were happy with the switch? I recently broke the LCD of my s3 and my account is eligible for upgrade, so I figured why spend 100 dollars on another s3 when the EM is currently buy one get one free for 100, especially if it ends up having better service. I loved my s3, but I feel like I had to settle with horrible reception to keep all the other bells and whistles. For instance I'm in East N.C. where I should have plenty of 4g, but I never had a solid connection and resorted to having a 3g only s3. I think the development kept me around for so long. But I have a baby on the way so a good, reliable rooted and stock phone is what I'm looking for now. Anyone know the stipulations behind USCC's BOGO offers? I even considered getting the two EM's and selling them and using an additional upgrade for an s4. Anyone with experience on these three phones feel free to chime in.
  12. Motorola M device replacements with blue S3

    Anyone find it a little strange they're offering s3's in exchange for EM's because of a "shortage" while offering "buy one get one free" EM's in store and online? Didn't know if anyone else noticed this. I only noticed because I'm thinlong of going with the bogo deal since I just broke my s3.
  13. Just wanted to warn everyone, I was running 1.3 and 1.4 no problem using morphology for theming, but when I updated to 1.5 and used morphology it broke my radio. No 1x/3g, just erratic 4g that worked less than 1 percent of the time. It could have just been a freak flashing accident, even though I take all the necessary precautions when flashing and updating. Maybe it was some of the settings I used in morphology, I'd guess something to do with the aosp statusbar and options or the framework edits or the backup efs option. Just going back stock with odin still didn't work. I had to odin all the way back to LG1, update all the way through to LK5. Then run adb reboot nvrestore command from the toolkit. The phone hung on the splashscreen, so I battery pulled and odin stock LK5. Now I have full service again, with root and all that fancy jazz. Just wanted to post this in case anyone else had the same problem they could save whole bunch of headache.
  14. Theme Your S3 - Inside and Out

    I used it on Morph 1.4 with no problem. I recently wiped and updated to 1.5 but haven't retried the morphology theme zip yet. If you check the Morph thread it should be somewhere near the earlier pages, tells you which prep file to use and everything. I loved it! The main reason I used aosp ROMs was for the theming options, and I always ended up coming back to TW for the camera and features (multi-window and pop up browser is amazing!) This definitely gave me the best of both worlds.