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  1. AICS v5.1

  2. speaker phone works ok for me. its a really nice ROM. needs bluetooth fix. gps works. wifi works, mms over wifi works. youtube works. the screen is still flickering. but disable HW_overlays in dev settings fixes it untill a reboot.
  3. Blackbean 6 Sound

    no problems with sound, i run the KT747 kernel (latest one) and i get good sound even stereo bluetooth, no cracks pops or whistles here
  4. did u wipe cache /dalvik fix permisions? try another download maybe...im on the latest. i have had zero issues sory didnt see u did wipes...try anther d/l Sent from the matrix
  5. great work pulling together as a team!I was sifting through the posts and read this, all i could really think of is "wow the whole freaking world needs more of this demo" its not about the ROM at all to me...
  6. Hey! Who you callin horboots?? Sent from my SCH-R530U using Xparent Blue Tapatalk 2 ha just saw this i like em both...
  7. Universal carrier rom porting

    i used to have the mez, also this tool i am posting sounds along these lines contained in this OP, for a different device but same ideahttp://rootzwiki.com/topic/32390-tool-romkonverter-konverts-all-fascinateshowcasemesmerize-roms-102912/
  8. [SUPPORT] Blackbean

    i too would like to see a video of it, maybe im blind but im not seeing any pixelation, at least not on BBB6
  9. [SUPPORT] Blackbean

    heh i may as well jump on the band wagon, i too have the screen flicker, im not worried about it...as long as the apps loaded up, its non existent to me. meaning i do not get the flicker during app runtime. only when entering and exiting the app. it appears that it is on every 4.1 jellybean ROM i have the liberty of flashing to my device. speaking for myself only: I find the pros definitely outweigh the cons. but i will not go back to stock touchwiz modded or not. and ICS isnt gonna cut it either so...
  10. i would call 611, they will verify your phone works from the phone, as in if it has reception and voice call. i know this because i added insurance right after i broke the screen on my mez. i never had to take the phone to uscc. and i got the replacement too before they got my old phone, as the shipping container comes with the phone they send u. i would make some calls before risking losing your warranty.
  11. thanks for the post, i did lose my phone info once, and it was no fun at all. so yeah thanks
  12. Have you run stress tests at 2100mhz? It would be amazing if it could do that speed i have not benched this kernel at those speeds, im not sure im talanted enough to get the voltages ect stable enough to hit 2100mhz on a bench
  13. i am having great battery life, buttery smooth transition animations. no hiccupps or horboots.i wiped cache, dalvik, fixed permissions. Sent from the Matrix
  14. well...i like the ktweaker app, i also like imoseyon's LK too. the LK experimental builds have scripts u can run from terminal emulator. both are nice. this kernel in particular gives me crystal clear bluetooth sound, as i have mentioned numerous times thus far, (couldnt get that with LK) also if for strange reason i decide i want to oc to 2100mhz i can Sent from the Matrix