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  1. I had the exact same issue. Reflash of SU did not work. I did a dirty flash of the RIM and everything was fine. Sent from my SM-N910R4 using Tapatalk
  2. Same experience here. I guess I can live without Xposed for a while... Sent from my SM-N910R4 using Tapatalk
  3. SD Card fixes - post Kit Kat

    Well, I think that's the route I am going to go. There are ways to use the Galaxy Gear with something other than TW, but it cripples some of the functionality. But Google chose to cripple the SD access with Kit Kat, and frankly that's more important. This is such a bonehead move on Google's part. A quote I saw on Android Central said "Google just made all it's Android phones into iPhones, but without iTunes." And I don't for a second believe the BS that this change was needed for 'security' reasons. The internal SD - home of the system directory and other "somewhat important" files - mounts as read/write. Just the external SD card is read only. Hey, Samsung - - want to give people a reason to use TouchWiz and actually like it? Restore some of the functionality Google seems hell-bent on removing from mainstream Android. I wonder how Tenzin will handle this 'security' issue? Since Samsung manufactures ext SD cards, I'm gonna bet they somehow find a way to keep things secure without borking the use of external storage.
  4. How are people dealing with the Kit Kat restrictions on using the external SD card? I've tried the manual edit to the permissions XML file, which did not work for anything other than ES File Explorer. Apps from the app store to "fix" the SD card issue don't work either. (Not surprising, I guess, since they basically just edit the permissions file). So now, I can't plug the phone into my PC and do anything with the ext SD card (it's "Read Only") - apps can't find anything, which is really pissing me off as I have different music on different removable SD cards. The only way I can play music is using ES File Explorer, which is about the only app that can see the external card. Are people just using symlink folders - or is everyone on Cyanogen or AOKP? I have a Galaxy Gear, so want to keep a TW ROM, but frankly I'm starting to think of putting it on eBay so I can dump TW /Kit Kat for a ROM that lets me use my own damn storage like I want to.
  5. Nandroid Backups

    Nope - been using a TW base the whole time, because I got a Galaxy Gear in October. I did some more research and it seems to be an issue with Clockworkmod and above. I'm going move to TWRP and see if that helps. Yeah - I just did a backup and then a restore immediately after to check the image. The MD5 check passed but when the phone rebooted it was unusable because gapps and several other apps crashed, to the point where the phone rebooted. So I am going to have to Odin back to stock AGAIN and install TWRP recovery this time to see if I can get a stable backup image.
  6. Nandroid Backups

    Personally, on my GS3 Clockwork Mod backups worked flawlessly. But I don't think I have ever once had a backup restore well on my GS4. It is either an "MD5 Mismatch" which is not fixable using any of the fixes that are supposed to work (deleting contents of MD5 file, etc.) or the phone restores by gapps don't work or other basic apps crash. The best I have ever gotten is doing a restore, then a factory reset, so at least the base system is back to however I had it. I never had this problem on the HTC Desire HD or Sammy GS3, so maybe I just have a flakey phone.
  7. At this point, it looks like one either has to say "yes" to $2.99 a month, or have a totally unprotected device? That can't be right ..
  8. Has anyone found an alternate fix for this? I've re-installed the Mobile Security USCC apk a couple of times. All I get is a screen asking me to sign up for $2.99 a month "virus protection" service. When I decline it goes right back to greyed-out lock options. Did USCC *really* replace the standard Android lock screen with some bloatware? If they did, that's absolutely unethical . . .
  9. S4 MK2 (4.3 v2) Update - What is new!?

    My process to what I'm running now - - seems to be working well so far - 1) odin to fresh MJA stock 2) Let OTA do the MK2 update 3) root with the CF root script via odin 4) download ROM Manager and use it to install CW recovery 5) run the MJA Knox removal script . .. is working fine on MK2 I'll use TiBu to freeze/ delete the rest of the bloatware. I got a Galaxy Gear for my birthday and it seems to use some of the Samsung 'crap' in order to function, so I'm still in the trial and error phase of figuring out what I can safely delete.
  10. Flashing the kernel wi-fi fix makes the GS4 no longer recognized via USB when plugged into my PC's. I've tried this three times and each time this is the point where the USB recognition no longer works. This seems to happen with both the stock MK5 and the de-bloated one. This happens on multiple PCs. My other stock GS4 that was updated via the OTA to MK5 does not have this issue. Is anybody else seeing this?
  11. Google Password Reset Warning!

    Quiet moose. Everyone should have and use backups. Just turn your data off. Unsync. Add another gmail account. Either remove the old account or attempt to change the password login after the new account is added. Should work. If it's a gapps issue and not overall apps issue. Thanks - -- I'l try that before I do a massive OS-ectomy. :-)
  12. Google Password Reset Warning!

    I did an update from the previous 4.3 de-bloated TW stock rooted ROM from WoundTight to the updated de-bloated 4.3 MK2 ROM also from WT. Via recovery flash. The updated ROM worked fine - - just had a few things I wanted to tweak that I wanted to leave until this weekend to mess with. My previous nandroids were all from the first 4.3 TW stock rooted. At least one of them had previously restored without issue. Since this restore causes massive google services failures when it boots up, I'm looking at the password mis-match as the main culprit. It could be something else, but I just thought I'd pass this on as a warning. I have TiBU's of all my apps so I probably just do an Odin back to stock and update from there to make sure it's clean. It's just unnerving to realize how deeply Google has its fingers into the guts of Android - - - I know a dozen+ services from Google start automatically when Android boots (even if I never use half of them) but the OS insistance that it simply can not operate unless multiple google check-in pass seems odd. It seems like google services know to exit if there is no WiFi or data connection, but if there is a connection and the password check locks up everything is borked. It's probably a "Security feature" of some sort . . .not a bug. :-)
  13. All - - just wanted to share this so nobody else gets in on the 'fun' I've had the last few hours. I installed the 4.3 update to play around with it. After seeing it was going to need some work from me before I wanted to use it as a daily, I went to restore a previous nandroid backup. However, I also over the last couple of days updated my google password after the latest hack/leak. Now, all my backups from prior to the password update (in my case, all the stuff from before the 4.3 MK2 update) are unusable. Android aggressively tries to check into every google-related service on boot-up, finds a pass-word mis-match, and locks up. I get continual "Sorry, the process XXXX has stopped" for any and all google-related processes, so anything related to the Play Store that checks against my account, etc. I've yet to get to apoint where the phone will let me update my password in the settings. I am going to go and see if Google will let me re-set my password to the old password, so I can at least get the phone to boot then re-reset from there. I hadn't ever seen this mentioned before, so thought I'd share ...
  14. S4 MK2 (4.3 v2) Update - What is new!?

    Thanks much! Glad we've a comunity that offers support that would otherwise be hard to find via 'official' channels :-)