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  1. are you trying to flash to install jb ? I had this problem to at first.. how I got to work was I flashed phantomfreaks kernel in cm9 clockworkmod...it got stuck at boot loop ..but then i took the battery out and then I held vol. Up and power to reboot cwm and it Booted into cwm 6 and Icleared cache and dalvik cache and then flashed jellybro/gapps from there and it worked from that
  2. thank u I had to try a few but I found one that works great.
  3. I'm having issues with gallery video player plays video but screen goes black after a sec. Then if I touch the screen it comes back and times out again any help or fix?
  4. No problem I was having issues finding it at first to
  5. In su. ...go to settings(wrench) then click security. Then click automatic responses and click on allow ..reboot into recovery and then scroll down to advanced then hit fix permissions and reboot. Worked fine for me
  6. nova 3 on cm9 ? help

    I gave up.... cm9 ran great, but not so well with Gameloft. I decided to flash cm10 and nova 3 //gameloft games work after changing my build prop
  7. Boot Animations

    I did some looking and found a stock boot animation.. download and rename as bootanimation.zip and edit properties as the same as your current bootanimation.zip and replace it .....thought id share. http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1520416
  8. nova 3 on cm9 ? help

    Force closes after check license I've tried editing my build prop, and using chain fire 3d, lucky patcher, etc..is their any way I can get nova 3 to run on my sgs2 cm9 rom? any help is much appreciated
  9. I found this cool sms theme. Worked great on my cm9 nightly rom. Their are three download links I downloaded the last theme. Mixer trans SMS theme..... Thought I'd share http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?p=28579180&postcount=73