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  1. 6.0.1 radio issues

    Is there a linky for different radios for the Nexus 6? I'm at 32 and seems like slower speeds and higher battery usage. Would like to research others.
  2. Nexus 6 Finally on U.S. Cellular!

    Basically the implementation of eCSFB / CSFB and single radio phones is the required step for VoLTE and LTE roaming for CDMA carriers. With Verizon exiting the CDMA ecosystem in a year or two and Sprint already on the single radio eCSFB setup, USCC and small carriers are now following suite. SVLTE will not return until VoLTE is implemented. W-CDMA (HSPA) natively supports voice and data at the same time while CDMA Rev A and 1x does not. Realized today that I'm not getting data when I'm on a call. 4G is fine but once I dial a call up I lose all data. No 4G, no 3G. I'm on U.S. Cellular but I've been monkeying around with Fi switching back and forth as well as several custom ROMs. I guess first I need to know whether I should be able to get simultaneous voice and 4G (or voice and 3G). If so I would like to know what I can check or do to get it back. TIA.
  3. Monthly Security Update OTAs

    All the stock OTA's are here, including MRA58R, just make sure you use Shamu images https://developers.google.com/android/nexus/images Thanks for the reply. Just wanted to point out that the link points to images not OTA's. Following this link I can't flash anything using TWRP.
  4. I have a few questions regarding the monthly security updates that are now being delivered. First October then November. I am talking OTA updates not full factory images. 1) Is there a way to install the update with TWRP? 2) Is there a source where I can download a version that can be installed with TWRP or ADB? 3) Do the updates contain any other than security updates, like other enhancements. Is there a change log posted anywhere? 4) Anything else I need to know about these OTAs? EDIT: I've been searching for OTAs and instructions but have come up empty. Tons of stuff on images. Any useful responses to these questions would be appreciated. I did find this: http://forum.xda-developers.com/nexus-6/general/ref-nexus-6-stock-ota-urls-t2906493 It is helpful but doesn't mention MRA58R in relation to U.S. Cellular. 5) Do the OTA security updates break root?
  5. Google project fi

    Activated my Fi account today and seems to work pretty good. Being safe I power down before swapping SIMs. Works great. I plan on only using FI when I travel outside of USCC areas -- not too often. Its easy enough to forward calls. What's the best way to forward SMS/MMS? Any ideas? REMEMBER: I'm not transitioning I'm just moving back & forth. Would like to do something that is more or less transparent to the sender/receiver.
  6. Exchange Security Bypass

    Does anybody know of a way to disable PIN security on Exchange accounts in Marshmallow 6.0 version?
  7. Shared data pricing lowered

    I'm curious. New line only or new line with subsidized phone or new line with BYOD?
  8. Shared data pricing lowered

    My cost would actually go up on the new "lower" pricing too. Since we all own our phones on our lines we pay a $10 connection charge currently. I would save $30 to go from 14gb at $120 to $90 at 15gb but the connection fee would go from $10 to $15. That means I would pay an extra $40 for connection fees meaning an extra $10. Oh, and we hover around 12gb/month so the extra 1gb is worth nothing to me. :sad face:
  9. I had a problem installing any emotion kernel after R17 (which WoundTight posted). Once that was installed subsequent versions can be installed. You probably want to read comments in the "Emotion Kernel Installation Issue" thread. Its the one right under this one http://teamuscellular.com/Forum/topic/8637-emotion-kernel-installation-issue/ R17 Here: http://teamuscellular.com/Forum/topic/8254-%E2%98%85%E2%98%9E-support-wizenheimer-lite-trlteusc-note-4bob7-%E2%98%9C%E2%98%85/page-6#entry165550
  10. Emotion Kernel installation issue

    I was able to install R17 without issue and its been running a couple of days just fine. I haven't tried updating to see if that works ok. Any update recommendation? R21?
  11. When I attempt to install the Emotion kernel from the dropbox link in the Wizenheimer thread I get the following error (both R19 and R21) Setting permissions... set_parm: some changes failed E: Error executing updater in zip (name of zip) I tried using fix permissions in TWRP. Caused a bootloop or boot hang (not sure which) I checked the XDA thread and no mention of additional steps. Just said make a backup and flash the zip. Any help here? TIA
  12. Huawei Nexus Angler and LG Nexus Bullhead

    I posted the above 13 months ago about evolution of cellular service. Looks like history is going to repeat itself.
  13. Thanks! I updated my post to switch the two. Hope its right now.
  14. I'm thinking this means no. I lost my notes and can't seem to find anything in this thread that would be a step by step. As I remember it: 1) Install XposedInstaller_3.0-alpha2.apk 2) Reboot into TWRP 3) Install xposed-sdk21-arm-20150430-arter97.zip from TWRP 4) Reboot 5) Install Wanam Xposed_3.4.3_343.apk (if Wanam in desired) (I could've sworn I posted something in the forum when I last did this)
  15. Does anyone know if there is an update for Xposed since the 04/30/2015 version for our phone?