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  1. 4.4 updates?

    I remember reading somewhere, that 4.4 will have some sort of Google caller ID feature?
  2. 4.4 updates?

    Can anyone tell me where a changelog for the S4, in particular for US Cellular (not sure if it's different), can be found? Just updated my phone.
  3. Drop drop down menu problems - Am I alone?

    Going on day two, no problems. Sure do miss the fast transition speeds though lol.
  4. Drop drop down menu problems - Am I alone?

    So far, one whole day and no problems after turning off developer mode.
  5. Drop drop down menu problems - Am I alone?

    Not yet, hasn't happened since yesterday. Any idea how the two things can be related?
  6. Drop drop down menu problems - Am I alone?

    That's probably your problem right there! lol What is, the enabling of the developer mode, speeding up the transitions, or the fact that the phone is stock?
  7. Drop drop down menu problems - Am I alone?

    Happened once today, toggled everything I could imagine with no improvement. A restart clears it up. No rhyme or reason as to when it doesn't work either...
  8. Drop drop down menu problems - Am I alone?

    Hm, maybe next time it happens, i'll toggle all the air view settings to see if it goes away.
  9. Drop drop down menu problems - Am I alone?

    Crap, I must be alone on this one... bump!
  10. Having a lot of problems after having my phone on for a while, the drop down menu at the top doesn't recognize my finger. No matter how hard you try, it won't budge. I've went into the developer options, and you can visually see the mark where my finger is, and it's responding everywhere normally, the menu just doesn't react. Every time it happens, I'll reboot and it's fine. My phone is "stock" other than enabling developer mode and speeding up the transitions between screens. Really don't want to wipe my phone and start over if possible. Thanks for the help! Other than this problem, this phone has been amazing!
  11. Galaxy S aviator root

    Update on my rooted Aviator S, the 100$ credit now says "Pending Payment" and should expect a rebate check within 2-4 weeks. So far so good, don't think they care if it's rooted or not.
  12. Galaxy S aviator root

    Just sent my Aviator S in for the $100 deal. My phone was rooted, but factory cleared. Didn't even think of it, but it has the yellow exclamation point on startup, hopefully i'll still get the $100 credit... Can anyone confirm that they've had success sending their rooted phone in? the current "status" of my phone, is that it's received.
  13. Holy crap, didn't even notice you can do that. I'm so used to having junk that I don't want run all the time, like all my previous androids. Thanks for the info, I feel dumb now lol. Didn't see the "Daily Perks" and some other adware that displays spam every couple of hours in the application manager though, is there some workaround to stop that?
  14. Long time coming, but I FINALLY upgraded from my Galaxy Aviator S. The reason it took so long, is US Cellular changed their belief points terms, and I couldn't use my accumulated points, until just the other day. Anyways, I got the new Galaxy S4, and I already want to root it to get rid of that god forsaken "Daily Perks" crap, and other annoying adware. So far it's great, and runs really quickly as it came out of the box. I'll try it out for a few days to see if the GPS is as accurate as I hope, the battery life is good, and generally run it through what I usually will do on a day-to-day basis. If possible, I would gladly pay someone to remotely root the phone, just so I can delete all the junk, use a few root-only apps, and some other minor things. Just so you know also, US Cellular (at least locally around here in WI) offer a $100 rebate for mailing in an old working android, if you buy an S3, S4, or Galaxy Note if I remember correctly. So I paid $199+tax out of pocket today, but get $100 back in 2-4 weeks. Thought I would pass it along, as it seems recent that US Cellular had this deal. Thanks for all the info!
  15. Thanks again for the info, still torn between the two phones. Wish I didn't have to wait so long to get a new phone! Also, thanks again Adam for rooting my phone for me a while back. Still running good!