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  1. Note 5 and S6E+ (S6 Edge Plus) supposedly to USCC!

    It is just I prefer to have my external. I keep a lot of music and all kinds of backups for my phone on it. Also for pictures and videos of my family. I live in maine and we have a lot of areas with little to no coverage. And so ppl I know don't have great Internet out in the sticks of maine. I have used the option to take it out put in another phone and good to go. It is quicker then cloud when u want to change devices and or do something on a device for someone. But again this is in my opinion. These situations may not b problems with some but i also like a little more freedom.
  2. Note 5 and S6E+ (S6 Edge Plus) supposedly to USCC!

    I will not be joining the note 5 crowd. It would be hard to deal with the non removable battery, but I could learn to live with it. But with the no external SD card, I can not and will not deal with it. Wat a shame I have had all the notes loved them all. Guess on to a different company
  3. Ok I went to dl the file. It's now showing vzw and it says this the actual aicp rom or is an incorrect file
  4. I will be giving this a spin again soon. I have been super busy and had to have a 100% stable phone
  5. Congratulations

    There are always going to be haters, I do believe the nfl has been on their investigation and they are now showing that the Patriots did not break any rules or cheat with this whole deflation crap.
  6. Congratulations

    This is random, but I want to say congratulations to the New England Patriots for their 4th superbowl win. It was one heck of a game. The halftime show was lacking but the game was amazing. From all of us here in the New England area Congratulations Patriots.
  7. Subsidized option going away for retired plans 1/8

    The reason I don't know what is best, bc well if I am not on current contracts the free phone replacements don't happen, only aviavailable on contract and also I love getting new phones, I always get the upgrades and they get my current phone tends to be less then a yr old and gets replaced b4 they get it. So with how I am reading it, I will loose a few of the best parts of my plan
  8. Subsidized option going away for retired plans 1/8

    I am not sure what would be best for me. I have 6 phone lines, premium belief plan, that is 5gb per line, unlimited text,calls. Also 3 free phone replacements per line for every 18 months. Lowest phone is an S5. We pay about 350 a month.

    I honestly don't have one yet. I have been playing around with them, but I haven't long enough to get a full feel for each one. All I can say is give them a try. Just make a back up so if u don't like u just restore and it's like u never left ur current setup

    If u follow the instructions in.... u can use tmo and I have been trying out all.the different roms they have no problems so far
  11. I have had the SD card issues as well. On stock and also on wizenheimer. I have 64gb SanDisk Ultra
  12. This is not my work, I found it on XDA, and I do not take responsibility for anything that may go wrong. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK.
  13. {MOD} Volume Boost

    I can tell ya it's definitely better. I was using headphones and damn wat a difference in volume
  14. Note 4 Edge

    If I didn't already get the note 4 and also root tripping Knox I would get it. But I will be.out of the 15 day window anyways. It would be sweet to be one of the few around with that beast
  15. Thank you woundtight....I rather have the menu option. If ya need testing just let me know.