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  1. About notifications

    Thank you for the answer
  2. About notifications

    No I have not, I'm not a big apple user haha was just curious if it was possible or not I don't see anything that is like that actually
  3. About notifications

    When I see notifications on my passcoded lockscreen, if I unlock it will it clear those notifications from the lockscreen? And if it doesn't is there a way to turn this on?
  4. Hey everyone I was wondering if there was any apps out there on the Android Market that allow you to text via voice and have a voice readout when you receive a text with a lot of features to it and possibly more than just texting. I've read multiple things about it such as the app called Eva and numerous others but I have found nothing that I like. Eva seemed very buggy to me.... And the paid app is $20 which is not worth it imo.... Anyone else use these apps? Looking for ideas and opinions, and apps that you people actually use if any at all lol Sent from my unlocked and rooted XT901 with CM10.1
  5. Giving up on the setup.

    So I've been trying to get an environment setup to try and develop on some Android roms, I got Eclipse working in Windows, with the ADT installed, Android SDK installed, JDK, etc. Updated everything, come to find out you can't compile in Windows without 16GBs of RAM by using a virtual machine running Linux. I have 8. I tried using Ubuntu (I have it as a dual boot setup.) I've used Ubuntu quite a bit, and still couldn't manage getting ADT and Android SDK and everything setup properly on it -.- Everything just kept throwing errors. I have used Eclipse numerous times for C++ development, so what the hell am I doing wrong. If anyone is willing to literally step-by-step this crap for me, let me know. Until then, I quit on trying
  6. So is there any areas of focus right now that you believe might be the cause of the problem?
  7. Sorry, didn't see the github link haha, goes to show how much I pay attention ) On another note, found a different rom I like way better, so hopefully when you find a fix, the fix can be applied to said rom haha
  8. Like I said, if it is added there is already a nice donation sitting aside waiting for you to do it for when the fix comes around. On another note, any news from ekylypse? Updates....Progress made....? haha.
  9. True but I like my CM too well haha.
  10. Had me excited for a minute...... =/ On that note, na7q if this fix (work around) is replicated and tested fully stable, would you be willing to work the unofficial CM10.2 DHacker29 build from this thread and add the fix, along with the latest version of HALO into it for some donations? I would be more than willing to donate $20 myself alone to get that. haha. Possibly more if that's what it takes.
  11. WiFi doesn't work at work when there is no WiFi on my one hour lunch break lol Sent from my unlocked and rooted XT901 with CM10.1
  12. And here I was hoping progress was made.... Streaming Netflix with 3g is a bit of a hassle.... Lol other than that this ROM is amazingly stable and so far I have had no problems. I did switch back to 10.1 for halo though.... XD Sent from my unlocked and rooted XT901 with CM10.1
  13. Gps has been seeming like it works for me, I haven't really tried the gps for long though Sent from my unlocked and rooted XT901 with CM10.1
  14. Good to see people still going at this. I am willing to help in anyway possible Sent from my unlocked and rooted XT901 with CM10.1