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  1. I'm Porting Kali Nethunter to LG G3 US990

    I'm not sure about porting or how its setup, but I do know us990 is different then the rest of the LG G3. Believe the kernel partitions are different sizes or something like that.
  2. Marshmallow - Fulmics 6.5

    Didn't work for me. I'm also on 20a software for stock. Maybe if I can find the files to update to 23a it will work.
  3. Marshmallow - Fulmics 6.5

    Did you do anything special? What were you on before flashing it? I tried again and had no data again.
  4. Marshmallow - Fulmics 6.5

    Does data work? I tried like fulmics 6.0 and below but no luck with data.
  5. I came back to this rom after being on stock for quite a while. What a difference, way better then stock. What was i thinking.
  6. Motorola g4 plus and g4?

    My boss called us cellular and there response was it may work. Probably just the generic responses they have to give.
  7. One plus 3

    Thanks for the breakdown. My boss is looking for a new phone and I'm trying to help him find options.
  8. One plus 3

    That's why I'm curious about the wcdma and cdma evdo bands. Well along with LTE. These are taken from their site. I do realize they never have made a cdma phone but did it change with this model?
  9. One plus 3

    Not sure if this has been looked into again or which bands us cell uses but I took a screenshot of the bands. Probably not the most reliable but the site willmyphonework.net shows it may work. Enlighten me guys.
  10. Is anyone working on cm13 for the us990 Yet?

    I concur how goes the battle?
  11. Black Friday

    Anything for installment pricing?
  12. Black Friday

    Hopefully its something good so I can get a new phone, going to be hard to convince my wife I need one.
  13. Wifi Issues?

    Haha nice one. Yea I told my boss the rep was an idiot but I'd also make a post here quickly too. Showed him first couple replies and he said he's probably getting one, not sure if he has yet. Thanks guys
  14. Wifi Issues?

    My boss is looking for a new phone, he went into us cell store looking around and asking about the N6. The store rep said there junk and wifi signal keeps dropping out, I can't find anything on this forum for a complaint like that. We both kinda believe it's the rep trying to push him away from nexus since its not retailer sold. Thoughts?
  15. LG Nexus 5x and 6p HYPE THREAD

    Went through fcc looks like it has the us cell bands. http://www.droid-life.com/2015/09/25/nexus-5x-hits-fcc-with-all-us-carrier-bands-including-verizon/