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    LOL... I'm still rocking the ativ odyssey as my main phone. But I'm about 99% sure I'm ditching US Cell after my contract is up. Will most likely end up going to whoever has the best Windows Phone at the time. US Cell seems to be on a path to destruction lately, so I'm gonna jump ship before it goes down (i.e. someone comes in to rescue US Cell by buying them)

    Man, it sucks to see you go. Feels like there are already too few of us WP users out there. But to be honest, my family is probably leaving USCC as soon as our contract is up too. I'm getting really tired of the lack of support by USCC on their phones. Their update policy is HORRIBLE and no one seems to have any idea of when any update is coming out. The entire company seems to lack focus and planning. Unfortunately, i'm not sure i have a lot of options other than verizon where i'm at, but at least they might get some better WP devices. I'm just sick and tired of US Cell's device selection (the coverage and customer service has always been good). Has anyone had luck with the ativ odyssey and the developer preview OS builds? I'm always nervous installing previews on my main device, but i feel it's the only way this phone will ever be updated as USCC and samsung are horrible at supporting their phones. I wish MS would have gone the apple route and just said FU to the carriers and pushed out the OS updates theirselves
  3. WP 8.1 update?

    Well, after my twitter conversations with both US Cellular (which was absolutely worthless as usual) and samsung, i'd say the chances of the odyssey getting the 8.1 update are pretty much 0% (i'll post my twitter conversations later tonight after i get home from work)
  4. Yeah, i have converted quite a few users too and would definitely be able to do more if US Cell had any sort of a phone selection. I'm right there with ya in preparing to leave US Cell (been a customer for about 13 years). But without any good windows phones (and crappy support on the ones they have), i think it may be time to move on to another carrier.
  5. WP 8.1 update?

    Well, the ATIV S is just now getting the WP 8.1 update. So at least we know samsung hasn't TOTALLY given up on windows phone. Still not gonna hold my reath that US Cell does anything about it though
  6. WP 8.1 update?

    Still hating USCC and samsung -> I want my WP 8.1 update dang it.... this is why i REALLY didn't want to buy a samsung device, they SUCK at updates.
  7. SURFACE PRO 3 is here!

    Yeah, they are not cheap. But you are buying a well built, high quality product that is free of all the "bloat-ware" most devices have these days. This thing is seriously the best build tablet i've ever used. I'm probably going to end up buying a surface pro 3 here in the next month or so even (I like having more and more horsepower to compile code on). That being said, MS is obviously marketing these towards people like me who want a laptop replacement. if all you are doing is browsing the web or email, you'd probably be fine with a nexus tablet or iPad (but for the price of an iPad, i'd just save my money and buy an older surface).
  8. WP 8.1 update?

    You should give it to me then Seriously though, you should try it out -> once you do you will never go back.. haha
  9. WP 8.1 update?

    My Lumia 520 just updated to WP 8.1. I really like it. The "swype-like" keyboard is awesome (one of my main reasons i almost went back to android). Don't like the notification center (not sure if i can turn it off or not). The "show more tiles" is awesome (allows another row of columns on the homescreen) and would be even more awesome on the ativ. Not a fan of them moving things off to apps though (like music and games and such). They are a lot slower than they used to be (but i've heard an update is coming to fix these). I REALLY hope us cell gets this update on the ativ soon... I can't wait to get it on a higher end phone Oh, and i LOVE my surface pro (1st gen -> 128 GB also). I will never go back to another crappy android tablet again I have both my programming IDEs on it as well as steam and all run flawlessly
  10. WP 8.1 update?

    well, the 8.1 update is rolling out to nokia devices now (my 520 hasn't got the update yet though). I'm not going to hold my breath on samsung releasing this update any time soon (if at all considering their history in updating devices).
  11. SURFACE PRO 3 is here!

    I can see that, and if you are tech savy enough to install linux on it then it will most likely do well for you as you can do a lot more stuff on it. I still dabble with some linux distros every now and then, but for the most part I stick with windows now as i just want stuff to work (i break enough stuff during my day job). What distro are you using? I only keep tabs on ubuntu and mint any more but haven't actually installed one in about a year now (thinking maybe I should go install one tonight on one of my spare laptops)
  12. SURFACE PRO 3 is here!

    The lumia is ok.. it's one of the "low end" ones I got for free (only has 512 MB ram). I'm hopefully getting a nokia icon here pretty soon from work. I hate to say it, but i think i like the odyssey better than the 520. That being said, the higher end nokia phones are REALLY nice (i know a couple of people that have the Icon and it's very good -> just remember that if you don't want the hi-res pics to change the settings and it'll take them a lot faster). I agree that everyone should take a look at windows phone, it is by far the best designed and most cohesive OS out there for a phone. I also agree that everyone just flipped out for no reason on the new windows 8 start screen. I love the new one even on a non-touch device (especially when they fixed searching in one of the first updates - makes keyboard use even easier). I have used a chromebook for about a week (for testing purposes) and after using it I would NEVER buy one. For my use-case, they are a complete waste of money that won't do half of what i want it to. IMHO, you're much better off buying even the low end laptops (especially if you can get one that runs windows 8 ) as you'll have a much better experience.
  13. SURFACE PRO 3 is here!

    I have the original surface pro and wouldn't trade it for anything... i can use it for playing games and programming. But where it really excels is internet browsing where (believe it or not), the metro IE is actually VERY good for a touch browser (better than chrome i feel). It runs smooth as butter. If i were you, i'd save up to buy a "real" device (sorry, i think chromebooks are a waste of money unless you are just going to be writing emails and browsing the internet.... and that's it). You can get a "cheap" laptop from lenovo or toshiba and you'd be better off (and you can always put linux on those if you want).
  14. Anyone have an idea when/if the ativ odyssey will get the WP 8.1 update? I just FINALLY activated this thing i've had for about a year (my htc 7 pro finally gave out due to my stupidity of leaving it outside at the drive-in and getting wet -> touchscreen no longer works -> already miss my keyboard). Anyways, just hoping someone will have heard something
  15. Now that nokia commands a 90% WP marketshare, can we PLEASE get a nokia phone? (I know we won't, but i just want to whine some more). I mean, they are already selling the "copycat" iPhone 5c