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  1. Hello @sean19661, welcome to TeamUSCellular! Please use the search feature and read through the forums before posting a new question, oftentimes the answer is already right in front of you! See this post: Click here Also, we don't have any safestrap recovery for the Galaxy S5. US Cellular did not lock the bootloader for the GS5, so we can use normal custom recoveries.
  2. It sounds like your phone isn't being recognized in fastboot. I'll try to help, but keep in mind I've never used 2.3.5, so some of my tips may require a bit of interpretation. Boot the phone and plug it into your PC. Open a command prompt window (or cd to) the folder where the ADB executable is. Run "adb devices" without quotes. It'll launch a daemon and list your device if it's working properly. If it's not working properly it will either list your device as unavailable, or simply list nothing at all and go back to the terminal input. If it lists your device properly, I'll have to rethink some things. However, if it doesn't list it as ready, go into your phone settings, About Phone, and tap "Build Number" 7 times. This will enable Developer Options in your settings menu. Go into dev options and enable ADB Debugging. Unplug your phone and replug it and you should be prompted to allow access to your PC. Check the box to remember the permission and accept. Now retry the "adb devices" command. If it works this time, you should be good to retry your tool in the screenshot above. Is your phone in fastboot mode when you try the tool? If it isn't, then there's your problem. Google how to boot to fastboot for this phone, I have no idea how to do it myself. Hope this helps! If it doesn't, report back and we can try something else. Sent from my thingyding straight to your eyeholes using Crapatalk.
  3. Didn't they recall all the Note 7s, even the ones that had gotten battery replacements? It'll be extra impossible to get any customer service on a US regional phone that was supposed to be returned and is not even on the market. Sent from my thingyding straight to your eyeholes using Crapatalk.
  4. You're doing it all wrong bro. That's the official Xposed for AOSP, not the modified one for TW. Install this Xposed app: Then flash this Xposed framework: ::All hail the mighty Google:: Sent from my thingyding straight to your eyeholes using Crapatalk.
  5. You can't use the standard Xposed framework, you have to use a fork for TW. Hang on, I'll find you a link... Sent from my thingyding straight to your eyeholes using Crapatalk.
  6. First, the N5 is arm64, not sure if you took that into consideration. Second, which version of Android are you running? That will determine which SDK level to use: SDK21 = 5.0 Lollipop SDK22 = 5.1 Lollipop SDK23 = 6.0 Marshmallow If you're on Nougat, there is no Xposed for 7.0+ yet. Are you running stock TW or a custom AOSP ROM? Because TW ROMs require a special modified version of Xposed, you can't use the regular one. Sent from my Nexus 9 using Tapatalk
  7. What do you need in particular, the correct Xposed framework for the Note 5 (TW)? Sent from my thingyding straight to your eyeholes using Crapatalk.
  8. I bet they were on greendevil's personal AFH and he removed them. Shouldn't be hard to find the downloads though, they're not special or anything, just plain ol' what they say they are. Sent from my thingyding straight to your eyeholes using Crapatalk.
  9. How do you have a warranty on a phone made in 2014? Sent from my thingyding straight to your eyeholes using Crapatalk.
  10. Right on, closing the thread. Sent from my thingyding straight to your eyeholes using Crapatalk.
  11. Did your carrier modify or flash the phone at all to get service on it? If so, you'll have to get them to flash it again. Otherwise your only options are to disable the setup wizard (root required) or just ignore the notification. Does LP have granular notification controls? If so you could disable it I guess. Sent from my thingyding straight to your eyeholes using Crapatalk.
  12. So it's sold? Sent from my thingyding straight to your eyeholes using Crapatalk.
  13. All the other carriers throttle streaming video on their unlimited plans. Why would USCC do it differently? Sent from my Nexus 9 using Tapatalk
  14. There has to be a catch. Like they've got a trick up their sleeve or something. I smell a rat. Sent from my Nexus 9 using Tapatalk
  15. Honestly I still believe that the Moto X Pure Edition from 2015 is more bang for your buck, regularly on sale for $250 for at least the 32GB model. I even saw the 64GB model on sale directly from Moto the other day for that price Sent from my Nexus 9 using Tapatalk
  16. What do you need Moto's SDK for? Attached is a minimal fastboot/adb package. Unzip it and put the folder anywhere on your computer. I usually put the tools directly into a folder at C:\ADB. DOWNLOAD MINIMAL ADB AND FASTBOOT HERE: I'll assume you just need TWRP for now, so these instructions are for installing TWRP. If you need something else let me know and I can help with that also. First, make sure your device has an unlocked bootloader and also has ADB Debugging enabled. For ADB Debugging, enable Developer Options (go into About Phone and tap Build Number 7 times, then you'll have Dev Options in Settings just above About Phone) and tick the box for ADB Debugging. Put any files you need to flash (TWRP img that you downloaded) directly into the folder with the adb and fastboot tools (C:\ADB for me), hold SHIFT and right-click in the folder and click the menu option for "Open Command Window Here". Then use adb devices to make sure it sees your device. Once it does, your phone might prompt to allow access from the computer. Check the box that says "Always allow this connection" and accept. Do "adb devices" again to make sure it is allowed and shows your device's ID number. Once it recognizes the phone, type into the command prompt adb reboot bootloader let it boot into the bootloader. Once it's there, type fastboot devices just to make sure it's connected properly. If it lists your phone, you're good. To install TWRP, first rename the file that you downloaded and placed in your minimal ADB/fastboot folder to "twrp.img". Then type fastboot flash recovery twrp.img Once it flashes correctly, type fastboot reboot-bootloader to reboot your bootloader. Now select "Reboot to Recovery" or "Recovery" or whatever it's called in your bootloader menu, using Vol Up/Dn/Pwr buttons as per the instructions on the screen. It's either Vol Up/Dn moves up and down and Pwr selects, or it's Vol Dn moves the selector and Vol Up selects, I can't remember. You can unplug your device now and use TWRP. When it boots the first time it's gonna ask you about modifying /system. Check the box to quit nagging you about it and swipe the bar to allow. Now TWRP will work just like normal.
  17. Thanks. It just got better! Clicking on the little "i" on the promotional pricing, I found this: "4 lines Unlimited Plan for $40/line: $160/mo = $210 plan fees less $40 Unlimited Plan Promotional discount and $10 Auto Pay & Paperless Billing enrollment discount." This means that you're simply getting 4 lines at the regular prices: $70 + 55 + 45 + 40 = $210 $210 minus the "$40 Unlimited Plan Promotional discount" is $170, minus $10 autopay is $160. That's how they get "$40 per line". 4 or more Unlimited lines gives you a $40 discount off regular pricing. Then autopay gives you $10 more. For 3 lines @ $50 you only get a $10 promo discount and then the $10 autopay discount: $70 + 55 + 45 = $170, minus $20 = $150, or $50/line. For 2 lines @ $55 you only get a $5 promo discount and then the $10 autopay discount: $70 + $55 = $125, minus $15 = $110, or $55/line. So it may be possible to mix and match here. Look at it this way: 3 unlimited, 3 x 2gb: $70 + 55 + 45 + 20 + 20 + 20 = $230 minus "3 lines promo discount" from above, or $10 off = $220 minus autopay discount = $210 plus fees $25ish = $235 4 unlimited, 2 x 2gb: $70 + 55 + 45 + 40 + 20 + 20 = $250 minus "4 or more lines promo discount" from above, or $40 off = $210 minus autopay discount = $200 plus fees (25ish) = $225 6 unlimited: $70 + 55 + 45 + 40 + 40 + 40 = $290 minus "4 or more lines promo discount" from above, or $40 off = $250 minus autopay discount = $240 plus fees (25ish) = $265 So it's actually cheaper to get 4 unlimiteds and 2 x 2GB lines, by $10. That's because it's only $20 more to upgrade your 4th line to Unlimted from 2GB, and you get an extra $30 promotional discount. And it's only $10 extra for each line if you wanted to upgrade them to Unlimited, as 6 unlimited lines is only $30 more than 3 unlimited and 3 x 2GB would be. Funny: 6 unlimited lines is the same price as 3 unlimiteds and 3 x 6GB.
  18. It would actually be $50 each for the 3 unlimited lines, you'd have to get a 4th unlimited line to get $40 each. $40 for 4+ lines, $50 for 3 lines, $55 for 2 lines. Also there's a disclaimer - ***Get this special introductory pricing when you choose Unlimited for EVERY LINE and enroll in Auto Pay & Paperless Billing.*** Emphasis added. So best case scenario it would be $50 x 3 for the three unlimiteds, unless the "EVERY LINE must be Unlimited" part nullifies that when adding the 2GB lines. Also, it seems the $10 discount for autopay / paperless can NOT be applied to these $40/$50/$55 promo prices. This makes me think that you can't mix and match since the autopay/paperless is built in like that but it IS applied to the regular pricing. So 3 unlimiteds @$50 and 3 2GBs @$20: $150 + $60 + $26.59 = $236.59 And if the $10 autopay/paperless discount applies, it's $226.59 But that's only if the catch isn't that ALL LINES have to be unlimited. If they do, then my original quote would stand. And if that's the case, then just make all of them unlimited: $40 x 6 = $240 ~$26 for fees (rounding) =$266. Might as well do that, IMO. Twenty extra dollars for unlimited on EVERY line. Another option could be to make one of the 2GB lines unlimited (if my assumption about EVERY LINE having to be unlimited in order to get the promo pricing is incorrect): $40 x 4 = 160 $20 x 2 = 40 $9.34 FUSF $16.32 other fees = $224.68 and then maybe a $10 discount??? but don't hold your breath... = $214.68 That's the one I'd try to do. But again, it all depends on whether you can mix and match Unlimited plans with the 2 and 6GB data buckets and still get the promo pricing for unlimited. Otherwise the price will be the original quote I proposed, or spend $20 extra per month and make them all unlimited.
  19. I mean, if you only need the extra storage for media and not for application data, you're better off using your external SD as Portable Storage instead of adoptable storage (formatting as internal). The only advantage to adoptable storage is that you can put apps on it. I've got like 38GB of apps (huge >10GB libs on some tools I need), and it's a nice feature for my 32GB phone and 32GB SD card. It's also GREAT on my Nvidia Shield TV, which only has 16GB of internal storage, which is now 136GB now that I adopted a super fast USB3 SSD to it. If I were just using it for pics and music and stuff it would definitely not be worth the hassle for me, especially not being able to pop out the SD and use it in a computer. Which raises a question: have you removed the SD card since you set it up as internal storage?
  20. 3 unlimited = 70 + 55 + 45 = 170 3 2gb = 20 + 20 + 20 = 60 = 230 And there's a $10 discount for paperless billing / autopay, so it should be: $220 plus fees (but tell me again about how there are no hidden fees on these new plans?), which I estimate: $4.20 for E911 and T.R.S. (this one is NC only, so YMMV) $10.27 for Federal USF (it's 4.67% of your service charge, $220) $12.12 for regulatory cost recovery fee ($2.02 per line) ---------this is some BS. We have to pay extra because USCC loses money from people who can't or won't pay?!? = $26.59 fees So the grand total for the plan (if you're in NC) should be: $246.59 per month.
  21. Can someone please clarify with a USCC rep about this throttling? Everything I've read and also the general trend in the industry is to throttle ONLY video streaming. Regular downloads and bandwidth apply for anything that is NOT streaming. This is how I'd expect it to be, but then again we're talking about US Cellular here. Their complete and utter lack of details about these new plans makes me wonder what the catch is.
  22. When you put in the new SD card, format it as portable storage instead of internal. Then I new like a normal SD card. What file explorer are you using? It sounds like the issue is that it doesn't understand how adorable storage works. It functions just fine for me.
  23. Do you mean Mbps or MBps?
  24. Most likely. Full unlimited data plan details can't be fully confirmed until its release tomorrow. Sent from my thingyding straight to your eyeholes using Crapatalk.