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  1. Sorry, it isn't possible. I own one myself. People have been trying for 3 years on XDA to no avail Sent from my Nexus 6P using Tapatalk
  2. They usually comp the ETF if they see that you are primarily roaming for long enough, I bet they'd work with you to comp it preemptively if you tell them you're moving out of USCC's home area.
  3. Try calling the number lol. If it says it's not in service, then there's a chance it'll be available on USCC! Sent from my Nexus 6P using Tapatalk
  4. Unfortunately, there is nothing Xposed can do about getting Netflix to show up in the Play Store on your device. But there is good news! You can always do the "so they blocked the app from appearing in the play store because I'm rooted" workaround - sideload the APK from APK Mirror and subscribe to the Pushbullet channel that will notify you when the app is updated. The Netflix and root issue is checking Google's DRM-Nazi integrity checker called Widevine DRM to block individual devices from seeing it or being able to install it from the Play Store, but the app works just fine when sideloaded. It's not like Android Pay or Super Mario Run that check SafetyNet each time it's launched. Some people who know much more about this than I do believe there is actually a SafetyNet check happening in the Play Store, which could mean bad news in the future. If they integrate SafetyNet checks into app launches, then Netflix will only work on devices with locked bootloaders or that are using Magisk Hide, just like Android Pay, Mario Run, Pokemon GO, etc. Here's a link to the spot on APK Mirror where you can download the apk to install manually on your device. Make sure you allow apps to be installed from Unknown Sources in Settings -> Security. If you don't use Pushbullet: it's freakin awesome, and now is as good as any time to start! Easily push files back and forth between your PC, any Chrome browser, phone, or tablet. It mirrors notifications too and you can reply to most of them (e.g. if I get an SMS, it pops up a notification on my PC and I can read it, dismiss it on the phone, snooze it, or even type out a reply and send it). It's great for sending a webpage from your PC to your phone so you can take what you're reading with you and get up from the desk (or vice versa, if you want to push it to a PC for a bigger screen/real keyboard). And it has Channels that you can subscribe to (or make) that send you notifications when things update. Or you could just check APK Mirror every so often to see if it got updated. Either way works fine.
  5. Yeah, you can't just pop a SIM into a phone with USCC and have it work. You have to either call or go to a store and have them put your IMEI/MEID and SIM ID # into their system.
  6. No, it is not. Magisk is moving towards using its own phh-SuperUser and isn't completely compatible with SuperSU anymore, and will continue to lose compatibility moving forward. Magisk is more of its own root method, not really a "root mod". Magisk requires a custom recovery to install. Trying to use FlashFire will softbrick your phone until you restore a backup or fresh install your OS. A custom recovery requires an unlocked bootloader, which isn't currently an option for the S7. Also, since this process inherently modifies the system partition (with a custom kernel and further system modification with the SuperSU package), it cannot pass SafetyNet (which is why Android Pay, Pokemon Go, and Super Mario Run won't work). Since it won't pass SafetyNet BEFORE installing Magisk, Magisk cannot hide root and spoof a false SafetyNet pass. What I'm getting at here is that if you can't use Magisk to pass SafetyNet and be able to have root and systemless symlinked modifications (like Xposed except Xposed does alter /system), then you're better off with just SU and Xposed. There's way more mods for Xposed than for Magisk at the moment and it's much more powerful of a framework. Finally, the only real advantage to Magisk is being able to hide root effectively and to be able to take OTA updates. Since hiding root is impossible, the only other benefit it would provide is not useful for your device either. You have to be on a certain firmware version to use the root method in this thread, and you can't update via OTA because /system is modified. TLDR: No, you can't use Magisk. Which is fine, you're much better off modding with Xposed as far as the availability of good mods. And you're literally not missing out on anything Magisk has to offer because the big 2 benefits *can't even* work on your device if you could get it to install properly -- it would be JUST LIKE like having root with Xposed and only 1/100th of the mod library. hahaha I hope I answered your very pointed question adequately!
  7. I disagree -- I like the jack on top. You can put it in your pocket normally with headphones attached, it fits my car dock setup perfectly, and if I'm hardwired to a system, I've wrangled all the cables neatly behind the table/desk/nightstand so the 3.5mm cable is coming from behind the furniture so the phone faces you when it's plugged in and laying on the table. But alas! It's the age-old battle that has gotten us where we are today. We keep bickering and arguing tooth and nail about such important things as this and what do we get? OEMs dropping the 3.5mm jack completely! I actually prefer Chromecast audio and Bluetooth myself. It's WAY cleaner looking than a cable. Plus you have mobility, you can stash your phone in your pocket and go about your business without having to baby it because it's attached to something. Potato, potato I reckon. /rant Sent from my Nexus 6P using Tapatalk
  8. Ewwwwww! On the bottom? That's gross Sent from my Nexus 6P using Tapatalk
  9. It will probably break Samsung Pay. Maybe not though, you should google it.
  10. You only need a kernel to root using the traditional "non-systemless" (systemfull?) mode. Installing any version of SuperSU above version 2.60 (most recent is v2.79 SR3) through TWRP will root systemlessly and does not need a special kernel, because the SuperSU zip will modify your boot.img (kernel) to set SELinux appropriately. If you'd rather, you can use CF AutoRoot. This will also root your device systemlessly, modifying your boot.img appropriately, but can be done through Odin. Download it here: Unzip the file, boot to download mode, launch Odin, connect your phone, put "CF-Auto-Root-noblelteusc-noblelteusc-smn920r4.tar.md5" into the AP slot (used to be PDA), and flash it. Easy peasy. I literally spent 3 minutes after googling "how to root note 5 xda" to find all of this information. It took me longer to type this up than it did to figure all that out about a device I've never even owned.
  11. You can connect your phone to a PC with a standard micro USB cable when booted to TWRP and transfer files just like you normally would when booted into the OS.
  12. Looks like just security updates. Samsung will usually brag about any new "features" or bug fixes for updates where they change anything more than just updating with Google's monthly security patches.
  13. You are correct. The current system does not need to be rooted in order to install a different system (OS). Odin and TWRP go way deeper than system root access. You may want to root Lineage after installing if it's not pre-rooted. Sent from my Nexus 6P using Tapatalk
  14. Can you link to the sammobile file you downloaded? Sent from my Nexus 6P using Tapatalk
  15. Wow. I'm astounded by how not surprised I am! Sent from my Nexus 6P using Tapatalk
  16. So get this: I got a N6P last week. I called in to activate, and the lady acted like I'd called in a bomb threat. I hung up and called back. Mark was very pleased that I knew what both an IMEI and SIM number were, and that I'd written them down and powered off both devices. (I got extra points for knowing how to *228!) But he had a very hard time. I waited on hold for ~30 seconds and this all took nearly an hour. Instead of lying and calling it a Nexus 6 like I had considered, I believed that they had all the kinks worked out. But Mark could not activate it as a Huawei Nexus 6P. But good news: there's a Google Nexus 6P code! "Just a couple more minutes, the system is slow today," he said, and we both had a good laugh about how "it was a day that ends with "Y". I told him about the 5X trick, and after a few minutes of that awkward phone support silence he decided to buck the system and try my idea. It didn't work. I told him about the Moto Nexus 6 trick. Still nothing. At this point the guy is determined to complete this task. He tried a few other phone models while I sat on hold for a few more minutes. When he came back on the line, he said he'd finally gotten a model code to work and that my phone was on the network, it's time to boot up and *228. USCC's completely incompetent system believes that my brand new Nexus 6P is actually a Galaxy S4, and wouldn't let me on their top of the line network that seems to be stuck in 2009 . FFS. I'm switching to Fi next week, and I recommend it highly. Fi is some for real next gen stuff. Sent from my Nexus 6P using Tapatalk
  17. The main consideration here is if/when root will be attainable again. Sent from my Nexus 6P using Tapatalk
  18. You'll see it here if there were! I wouldn't hold my breath if I were you though Sent from my thingyding straight to your eyeholes using Crapatalk.
  19. ...or 4 hours lol. Got busy. OP updated with download link!
  20. on it, gimme an hour to finish uploading lol
  21. Hello @sean19661, welcome to TeamUSCellular! Please use the search feature and read through the forums before posting a new question, oftentimes the answer is already right in front of you! See this post: Click here Also, we don't have any safestrap recovery for the Galaxy S5. US Cellular did not lock the bootloader for the GS5, so we can use normal custom recoveries.
  22. It sounds like your phone isn't being recognized in fastboot. I'll try to help, but keep in mind I've never used 2.3.5, so some of my tips may require a bit of interpretation. Boot the phone and plug it into your PC. Open a command prompt window (or cd to) the folder where the ADB executable is. Run "adb devices" without quotes. It'll launch a daemon and list your device if it's working properly. If it's not working properly it will either list your device as unavailable, or simply list nothing at all and go back to the terminal input. If it lists your device properly, I'll have to rethink some things. However, if it doesn't list it as ready, go into your phone settings, About Phone, and tap "Build Number" 7 times. This will enable Developer Options in your settings menu. Go into dev options and enable ADB Debugging. Unplug your phone and replug it and you should be prompted to allow access to your PC. Check the box to remember the permission and accept. Now retry the "adb devices" command. If it works this time, you should be good to retry your tool in the screenshot above. Is your phone in fastboot mode when you try the tool? If it isn't, then there's your problem. Google how to boot to fastboot for this phone, I have no idea how to do it myself. Hope this helps! If it doesn't, report back and we can try something else. Sent from my thingyding straight to your eyeholes using Crapatalk.
  23. Didn't they recall all the Note 7s, even the ones that had gotten battery replacements? It'll be extra impossible to get any customer service on a US regional phone that was supposed to be returned and is not even on the market. Sent from my thingyding straight to your eyeholes using Crapatalk.