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  1. Can someone pull their MMS.apk and its odex file out of their M for me and post it here?
  2. Electrify M Bricked by OTA Update

    I just now uploaded the JB update firmware to the site last night, I would try that. I will get a link put up soon. Otherwise if you are near a store with a service tech they can try their version of RSD but it will put you back to stock and relock everything. If this is not an issue try to look here: There is an icon for stores with a Service Center at the bottom.
  3. New promo

    the promo goes to the 14th not the 15th
  4. WP 7.8 Update

    it will also work on the ZTE device if anyone has that as well
  5. Hello! I am not sure if this has ever come up but I thought I would make a tutorial for anyone who wants this feature. There are apps on the Play Store that do this as well but they usually want you to purchase something in order to use it. This is free with a Google Account. Step 1 – go to and sign in to your Gmail account. I recommend doing all of this from a PC not the app itself. Step 2 – While setting up Google Voice you will be presented with several different options. Please keep a few things in mind: You do NOT want to port your number to it. That will cancel you current phone service.I cover all setup on the phone at the end of the TutorialWhen it comes time to choose the phone number for your voice account it does not matter what you choose you will most likely never call from this numberYour Voice account can be used like a calling card for international calls if you ever need it. I recommend you only give people your regular cell # to avoid confusion unless you really like the service and wish to use it for everything. You can watch videos on the Google Voice site for further explanation. Step 3 – Download the app to your phone. I recommend setting the app so it is not the default and so it will not make any calls. This app will be where you go to manage your voice mail You can setup your greeting and everything from the app. Step 4 – For the voice mail to work you will need to forward your calls to the phone number you selected in the setup process. For U.S. Cellular® the number code is this: *921 “555-555-5555” place the number you chose in between the “ “. So example would be to dial this exactly *9215555555555. There will be a short beep then the phone will hang up.If for any reason you wish to deactivate this you can dial *920 and it will return to normal.Test call yourself and play with the setting some to get it just the way you want it.Even if you change phones the app and service will remain setup, you just need to download it again and maybe dial the forward code again.If you accidentally delete a voice mail it goes in a “Trash” folder in Google Voice and is not deleted unless you empty the trash. There you go. It isn't the simplest thing in the world but it is a very neat feature and good for those people who wish to save voice mails for long term and not lose them. PS: If you have any trouble with the *921.... dialer code try *721 and *720 to terminate.
  6. Top 5 Free Android Games!

    check out an app called "Hellfire" it seemed pretty neat
  7. The jellybean version should be out soon, I will update this when it comes. Not sure about root but i am sure you guys will figure it out
  8. Electrify 2 Stock FIrmware

    There should be a Jellybean version coming soon. Not sure how rooting is going to work but I am sure you guys will figure it out
  9. lag issues

    if anyone does they need to factory reset or reflash, the store demos have demo software running on them too and they never get rebooted so take that with a grain of salt.
  10. Unlocking is not the same as Rooting, just watch QB kings video
  11. Splendor Firmware?

    Snodrog has the firmware now, but b warned LG stuff if very fiddly
  12. [Two Word Game]

    myself included
  13. [Two Word Game]

    Finishing move
  14. [Two Word Game]

    starter guide