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  1. What happens when you go over your data

    Yikes! Well when I was with usc I tethered and was always downloading stuff to my phone and always tried to get as close to my 5 gig as I could, just because I think data is too freaking expensive. I want to get my money's worth.
  2. What happens when you go over your data

    How do you afford the overage charge? Or does usc not have an overage fee?

    You need to make sure the permissions are set properly. Owner. Check read and write Group. Check read Others. Check read Hit ok and should be good to try and install again. Hope it helps.

    is this based on the aokp MMS? as in the slim quick reply?Sent from my SCH-R530U using Tapatalk 2 I think its actually the blackbean mms.apk either way its great! It has all the features you could want

    Here is a link to a great invertex mms.apk that has splitti g and a lot of other nice features
  6. Here is a working link to my dropbox. this is cwm just flash in recovery and then try flashing just the way you stated above. Happy flashing!! If there is anything else you need just ask.
  7. Does anyone use Skype??

    i have used it once according to the data usage that my s3 tracked a 20 minute vid chat used just over 30 meg. so in my opinion thats not too bad.

    I have tried it a couple times and wasn't a fan of it. I might have ever been doing something wrong, but I liked PA's tablet feel better. The ability to change dpi is really nice though and works great!
  9. [Kernel] [AOSP] LeanKernel

    Maybe my s3 is on crack , but I just tried to flash 1.5 on it with aokp5 and it was not a good time. It immediately started acting sketchy and rebooted then got stuck in a boot loop. Had a clean install of 5 with the justunbean 3.2. Flashed kernel, wiped cache and dalvix. Then fixed permissions. So who knows. Probably just me.
  10. Question about flashing

    I used to flash everything we had and frequently changed between roms. I never experienced any problems with it either. Should be okay.

    That being said, if anything happens to your phone that is less than desirable ie. bricking, smoking, flaming and just general bad behaviour, i am not responsible. Have fun!

    yep its totally normal. i do it everytime i flash a different rom. you'll be fine

    go ahead and do it.

    What?! LOL!

    You actually can change home button functions in. Nova settings under the gestures and buttons menu. Hope this helps.