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  1. Brianinmaine, Thank you once again for the reply! I have not had time to try this yet on my phone. I want to just confirm one last time before I hit the magic commit button that I have the instructions right. LOL! Download lineage os zip file along with gapps zip file & copy them to the microsd card. Download odin and the twrp file for recovery. Once in recovery install lineage os & gapps do a factory reset and reboot. Again confirming that my phone is not rooted at the moment this can be done without having to first root the stock version correct? I know have run across several website with instructions but none mention you have to root the current stock version in order to install. Is this correct? Once installed then I have option of rooting correct? Again sorry to ask these questions but when your are unsure it's better to ask before goofing up! Thanks!
  2. Brianinmaine, Thank you for replying to my post. Ok I do have 2 questions. 1. To install this I don't need to root my current version which is 6.0.1 correct? All I need to do is copy the lineage os & opengapps files to my internal storage or microsd card? From there odin the TWRP file for the custom recovery, from there load the os & gapps. Also once lineage os is loaded I can root it if necessary correct? I think I have the steps down. 2. For the OS updates they come out as soon as google releases them and comes via the software update mode correct? Also everything works without any issues such as mobile date, wifi, etc..... I am still learning and don't want to brick my phone by any means as it it my main & only phone. Also when android O comes out in the future, will you be able to upgrade to it via software update via phone? Basically without having to load it via custom recovery just wondering?
  3. Was looking online & noticed the following rom that is available for the US Cellular Galaxy S5. I am thinking about possibility of flashing this as our devices are not getting updated to Android 7. Wanted to see if anyone else is using this Rom & if it does work & any issues with it? Also I am a little confused about how to go about flashing this on the S5, do you root first, then install TWRP & then flash the rom is that the correct order? If I do decide to use this ROM does anyone know of a website that has instructions on how to root the S5, install TWRP and flash?
  4. Thanks for providing the link and instructions. I did use the recommended download by you and yes the download was fast. I used Odin and reflashed the phone with Android 5.0.0 and all is back to normal. WiFi now works again at work and battery drain issues have gone away as well from what I can tell. Thanks for your help and suggestions so far I'm back in business. Sure hope that Google gets the bugs worked out soon, I did like Android 6.0.1 but the WiFi issue was a deal breaker for me. Sent from my SM-G900R4 using Tapatalk
  5. Thanks for replying! I really appreciate the help on this forum. For the most part wifi is working correctly at work, just have not figured out what the login issue is yet. Anyway in regards to the firmware, would the following version be the correct one to download? G900R4VXU2BOG2 as this is the latest version. Here is the link that I found to the download. Is this correct rather than G900R4VXU2BOF3
  6. Thanks for replying! Here is what I have done so far. I did the upgrade via OTA, once phone booted I saved my files via samsung Kies, did a factory reset. Wifi at home works fine! No disconnects no issues. Wifi at work, lets me connect and then disconnects about 2 minutes later. I keep getting a message stating that Sign-in is required. However I can access the internet and then get disconnect a minute or 2 later. I was able to connect just fine before the upgrade. This is why I would like to go back to Lollipop for now. Can any confirm that this phone can be downgraded back to lollipop? I don't want to mess up my phone by not knowing. Also I am assuming that the wifi issue that I am having is in fact a Android bug and will be fixed asap by Google? Any info please!
  7. Thank you for the reply! I will continue to see if I can get Wifi to work at work. Works fine everywhere else so not sure what the issue is. Other than no other issues with the new update. Wifi is essential for me at work, if I can't get it to work I will try to back to the previous version for now. Again thank you for your help! Sent from my SM-G900R4 using Tapatalk
  8. I upgraded my S5 a couple of days ago to the new Android Marshmallow update 6.0.1. Since then I have been having issues with wifi working correctly at work and battery drain issues. I have been thinking about going back to the Official Lollipop version. However I don't know where to locate the download and need instructions on how to do it. Does anyone know where I can locate the official Android 5.0.0 firmware from? Also if someone could post exact instructions on how to revert back that would be great! I am going to give it a couple more days before deciding. My phone worked without issues before the upgrade, really wish now I had not upgraded. Thanks, Joseph
  9. Galaxy S5 and Marshmallow Upgrade

    Thanks for the reply. Wow I did not realize that the updates had been promised for 2 years. I really hope that it gets it, will cross my fingers and see what happens. Even if we can see just the 5.1.1 update that would be nice. I guess the average cell phone life is around 2 years before people upgrade. Sent from my SM-G900R4 using Tapatalk
  10. Wanted to get everyone's opinion to see if you think that we will be getting the Android 6 Marshmallow update when it comes out from Samsung? It would be really nice as I don't plan on up-grading or replacing my phone for a long time. Knowing US Cellular I doubt we will ever see it. Seems like Cell phone manufactures want to keep selling you a phone with all the bells and whistles and notice how a new phone is released so is the OS. I think this is to keep you in stitches and keep you buying. I for once would like to keep my hardware for a long-time and have the software kept up to do. It will be interested to see if the Galaxy S5 gets it, I think the phone is far more than capable of running the software. What do you guys think?
  11. Lollipop

    I also have a Galaxy S5 that I upgraded to. Did the update yesterday and don't really see anything that was updated. Unless there were some security issues that were taken of. I too am wondering when the S5 will be getting the 5.1 update? If anyone has any news please share. Sent from my SM-G900R4 using Tapatalk
  12. [ROM] CyanogenMod 11 - SCH-R760

    I wanted to report that the camera and video recorder are working fine for me no issues yet to report. The video camera froze the first day but has resolved itself and seems to work fine. I don't use snap chat so I don't know if that is a issue or not with this build. So far I am loving it so much faster than stock.
  13. [ROM] CyanogenMod 11 - SCH-R760

    Chris, Glad the instructions have helped you. So let me see if I can make this simple, Look at post #5 on page 1. I downloaded the kernal.tar file, odin 1.85 & the file. I place the .zip file on the external or internal sd cart. Once doing that I then ran odin from my Windows PC. Once I did that I did the following. (These are the instructions provided by Shufflejoy which worked perfectly for me.) * Put your phone into Download Mode by powering off the phone, holding Volume Down while booting, and then pressing Volume Up on the warning screen that appears. * Plug your phone into your laptop via USB. * Run Odin 1.85 * Uncheck "Auto Reboot" * Select the "PDA" button * Select the CM-Kernel.tar file * Select "Start" * When Odin shows 'success', unplug the phone and remove and reinsert the battery * Boot into Recovery Mode by powering on the phone while holding the Volume Up key * Use the Volume Up and Down keys to navigate the menu, and the Power key to select an item * Select 'Install zip' * Select install a zip from sdcard0 * Navigate to where you placed the and Google Apps from earlier * Select it, and it should install successfully * At this point, you should factory reset the phone via recovery as well. The reason I am having you do this after flashing CM is because the stock firmware can apparently "superbrick" some Galaxy S2s on factory reset, effectively destroying the internal memory * You are now free to reboot into CyanogenMod! Now you phone should book up just like normal except you will see a yellow triangle when booting, however you are now rooted. From here this is what I did. Downloaded and copied the kit kat rom file from xda forum website to the sd card, Downloaded and copied the gapps from here to the sd card, https://www.androidf...11191640114013. Now that you have them on the sd card reboot the phone into the recovery manager following the steps listed above. Once there browse to the the rom file first and install it, then the gapps zip file. From the recovery manger do a factory reset before rebooting and when you do you should be good to go. Do these steps make sence? Pleae let us know how you get along! So far I have not had any problems and my phone is much faster than the stock ICS firmware. Hope that helps! Joe
  14. [ROM] CyanogenMod 11 - SCH-R760

    Well Hello Chismin13, Welcome to the forums. I will be glad to try to help you out. I am very glad to offer advice on the forum as I needed advice myself not so long ago! I am still a newbie at this rooting thing but let me share with you me experience and how I did it on my end, I finally got it working! and I hope that you have good luck with it as well. 1. I was running stock ICS FS26 2. I managed to root my phone by following the instructions on page 1 post # 5 under this topic. Look at post #5, the one that Shufflejoy posted the instructions. That is what I used to root my phone and worked like a champ. Once I had the phone rooted, I then downloaded the rom & gapps and away I went!. Follow the instructions first to obtain root! Once you have done so now download the rom from the xda forums here. & then the gapps from here: After rooting your phone, place these files on your external SD cart or internal storage. Boot into the recovery manager by holding down the up volume key and power at the same time. Find the files rom first and install it, then the gapps zip file and install that as well. Also factory reset the phone and reboot and hopefully it should work for you. Read and re-read the instructions is what I did, following them it should be a breeze as I found that it was. 3. Yes mine does say eMMC brickbug. Maybe I got lucky when flashing? Hope that helps, let me know if the steps are not detailed enough and I will try to redo them. Thanks, Joe
  15. [ROM] CyanogenMod 11 - SCH-R760

    OK well please disregard the last post I managed to figure out the issue. I downloaded the wrong version, apparently the ROM with the known mic bug and rotation bug. Downloaded the one from xda forums that was linked to in the post and it works great and the bugs have been fixed! Just thought I would post and give a update.