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  1. }{ello all! I went back to the stock ROM after having no luck with one of Dark_Knight's CM10 ports. It was one of his orignal releases after he rejoined the community. This was before he started promoting the use of allenme's scripts. I LOVED the ROM, but it suffered from a few serious flaws: 1) I could not get a GPS lock even when the phone was sitting flat on a table outdoors. 2) I was never notified of new voicemails 3) Battery life was around 13 hours of non-use with Wifi, Bluetooth, and GPS disabled, and just a few hours with any sort of use. I was wondering what people are using for a current JB rom. I LOVED the features of JB and would be much endebted to anyone who can shed light on the current de-facto standard ROM. Thanks in advance!
  2. Just wondering how to patch <-this kernel to work with PDroid (http://forum.xda-dev...d.php?t=1357056) I tried using the patching tool which comes with it, but that didn't work since it's not a .tar archive. Any insight that anybody might have would be appreciated. Thanks!
  3. http://teamuscellula...nightly-9-9212/ Like a sir! You are my hero. Worked like a charm! Up and running in CM10.
  4. http://teamuscellula...nightly-9-9212/ Like a sir! You are my hero.
  5. ZOMG I'm going mad trying to get a custom ROM flashed on this thing! (SCH-760) It would appear that the "Unofficial port" has a long list of dead links to files which have been removed from their hosting sites. Furthermore, I can't find any CWM kernels compatible with this model. Team, I am in dire need of your help!