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  1. SIM Card Help

    Hahaha thanks guys, you're awesome.
  2. SIM Card Help

    Just grabbed a Nexus 6P from Amazon as USCC's phone selection is rather slim these days. How/where do I handle getting a SIM card for this new device? Can I manage to cut/use my old Note4's SIM? Grab one from a USCC store? I'd rather not order one online as this Note4 is going to end up in a blender soon.
  3. I've been a Samsung user for years. Unfortunately their slow and steady betrayal of the enthusiast user and recent Note7 fiasco (can you say karma?) has forced me to move on. However one of my biggest concerns with moving to a different device is how much I'll miss the physical Home button. It seems to function as a constant point of reference for my finger and easy go-to for waking my device. I know a lot of you have moved back and forth between devices like Samsung's Galaxy series which have physical/capacitive buttons and devices like the Nexus series that do not. I'm very curious to hear about your experiences moving between the two and what you like/dislike and miss/don't miss about physical/capacitive keys versus soft keys.
  4. Educate me on Pixel XL and USCC

    Thanks pals!
  5. Educate me on Pixel XL and USCC

    I gotcha - thanks for the info! I think what confused me was reading iR10's(?) post in a past thread about using USCC and Fi simultaneously - my tiny brain didn't know how to make sense of that and assumed you'd need both, but that's not what was being communicated at all; I understand now. Well shucks, I think I may just pull the trigger on this Pixel XL... whenever it's available, heh.
  6. So I "played" with my Note 4 a little too much and now it's close to FUBAR, so I'm looking for an upgrade. The only larger form factor phone that is even remotely appealing is the Pixel XL, but of course USCC says they will not oblige. Unfortunately there's just nothing else I'd feel good about throwing my money into. Especially that newly gutted and trendy IED abortion Samsung calls an "enthusiast" phone. I've heard about activating a Pixel over the phone by saying it's a "Nexus 6P" to avoid the red tape... so assuming that can be done, we're past the initial hurdle. But now onto the data. What the crap is Google Fi and how would it affect me? I got a 15" Fi in my trunk but I'm pretty sure that's different. Also, assuming I can get the Pixel XL activated, would I need to use Fi? Is there any benefit? As usual, thanks for reading gents. I'd appreciate any help. This Note 4 needs to be in an iron lung.
  7. Hey Rich, try something for me real quick? Might solve your data issues. Seemed to have helped me. On your device: 1.) Navigate to /data/data/ 2.) Backup telephony.db 3.) Delete telephony.db 4.) Restart device Also try this instead/in addition: 1.) Go. to Settings>Mobile Networks>Access Point Names 2.) Select "reset to default" in the menu 3.) Reboot device Also: 1.) Turn WiFi on and connect to a network 2.) Reboot phone 3.) Go to Settings>Mobile Networks>Access Point Names 4.) Choose one, see if things improve Whenever I have data issues, I have been able to open up APN settings and select the already selected APN and my data connectivity is restored. Strange garbage.
  8. Converter? There are others on the mentioned thread from USC that have flashed and seem to work fine.
  9. Maybe this is a better option considering the lack of support...
  10. Haha yes, probably so. And na7q, to be fair, I would love to get a Nexus 6 but paying ~$500 to upgrade to an almost identical phone is currently out of my means. But that may be my next device! Rich, what kind of data issues are you having? How often? Does anything help?
  11. N910R4TYU1ANIH You're confusing "upgrade" with "compromise"
  12. Unfortunately the mobile network issue has resurfaced. Not sure what's going on with that. If I disable 4G it'll connect to 3G fairly fine, but as soon as I enable 4G it struggles to get any connection at all. This is on the newest nightly 12-20150629-NIGHTLY-trlteusc
  13. No, heh. I facepalmed when I tried your suggestion. As for the S Pen, it "works", but doesn't have the same functionality without the Samsung software (quick menu, screenshot editing, etc). Just a minor inconvenience though. Would anybody know how to fix the error that shoots "this package is for device: trlteusc,SM-N910R4; this device is trltexx."? It's pretty annoying when trying to update. I'm definitely using a SM-N910R4... EDIT: Apparently I was using the wrong recovery. The recovery listed in this forum is not for trlteusc. The recovery I replaced it with, which was advertised for trlteusc, was also not for trlteusc. For anybody wondering, this is the correct recovery for the USC Note 4:
  14. To fix the data (not a permanent fix) go to your mobile network settings and turn off LTE, then turn it back on again. That "should" fix it, but it will probably go back to being broken upon restart or long term use of the phone. It does work, and the improvement has actually persisted through a couple of restarts. Thanks for the suggestion, what an easy fix Not sure about everybody else, but this is such an improvement over the stock Samsung ROM! The only things I miss are S Pen functionality and palm swipe screenshots.
  15. Thanks for all of your work!! A couple things I've encountered: First, when flashing the zip, I encountered an error in the updater-script that didn't allow me to flash - I was told my device wasn't trlteusc (though it definitely is). I removed that line of code from the updater-script and it flashed fine. I then had to replace the updater-script with the original in order to use CyanDelta. Second, cellular data is often in roaming mode. I also only have like two bars of 3G most of the time where as I almost always had full 4G with my stock ROM. Any ideas on a fix there?