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  1. Could the iPhones not being throttled be that they are iPhones? Back when uscc was blocking tethering they couldn't stop iPhones from tethering, only the Android devices. Maybe this inability to throttle the iPhones is similar? Just thinking out loud
  2. Well I just went to the USCellular site and at the bottom on the page that tells about these new plans it says unlimited will be at SD speeds and then throttled to 2g speeds at 22 GB of use. The 2 & 6 GB plans will be at HD speeds then I believe they drop to 2g speeds once they got the 2 or 6 GB limits. What a joke. Got to rip customers off some way they can..
  3. If you are connected to WiFi I thought you could still be on a call and use the web. But the thing is that you must be on WiFi.
  4. I have begun making the folders and grouping, pure silliness if you ask me. Anyone know how to go back other than constantly having to go home? Should every app have a means to go back and I am not seeing it yet? Also some games I notice with ios do not have an exit game whereas their Android equivalent does have an exit game. I must say battery life so far is amazing! Spent 2.5 hours on it last night and left it off the charger overnight and I still had 98% charge left! Will be interesting when I am done getting it set up fully what battery life we get.
  5. Okay so I took the dive and now have a brand new iPad tablet. Any iPad or iPhone users here that can tell me how to get a clutter free home screen? I am putting apps into folders but that seems excessive. Is there really no way to customize this thing like you can an Android with a pretty much blank home screen? Oh and is there a way to decrease the spacing of the icons?
  6. Adam you around? Still working for Apple? Any deals? I really hate to say this but with our son getting into the apple stuff at school and eventually having an ipad from the school system and then a macbook I am thinking of leaning that way now to learn ios instead of having my son show me up... I am about fed up with windows computers for home use as well as this one has the stupid updates all the stinking time and that is annoying having to wait on updates... I have never seen an os update like windows does. That is why I used linux for the longest and only have windblows now as the wife I couldn't fully sway to the linux side... Thanks everyone. I appreciate the input. I will still be looking for more input... Haven't pulled the plug yet.
  7. I can get the latest iPad that just came out along with a $25 gift card for just $329. That is a 32gb model. http://www.bestbuy.com/site/apple-ipad-latest-model-with-wifi-32gb-space-gray/4907703.p?skuId=4907703 They are really making it tough to not go to the dark side for a tablet... I am not wanting to go to a Samsung tablet... Something about the UI and bloatware... Plus the Samsung tablet tab a 10.1" with only 16gb isn't much cheaper, $299... http://www.bestbuy.com/site/samsung-galaxy-tab-a-10-1-16gb-black/5364800.p?skuId=5364800
  8. My Nexus 7 first generation tablet is starting to become laggy and slow even rooted and running an older version of Android since the device can't run the latest. Any how, I went out and got a best buy insignia 8 inch tablet based on the price and as close to stock Android as possible. Needless to say I got what I paid for as the dam thing doesn't keep wifi connection and drops it more than it keeps it. In looking at other tablets and seeing the new iPad coming out, best bang for the buck now seems to be the iPad... Wish I could stay with an 8 inch or smaller tablet but the prices of Android tablets with any good are just as much if not more than iPad devices now. Anyone care to chime in? And no I do not want a Kindle either...
  9. Is there a hand written name with a picture of the phone? Unless the screenshot suffices for the powers to be?
  10. Maybe they throttle after you get to a certain amount of usage... Like getting to 20gb then they throttle you? I don't know but that seems like what they would try.
  11. When does the Moto G5 come out?
  12. Wow that was more than what I was looking for but it is a nice step by step. The Motorola junk came from their website for unlocking the bootloader. We have a new laptop and I don't have any tools on it yet so I downloaded their junk. Thank you now even I could follow this.. a rock or pebble could
  13. Okay so Motorola has the links for the SDK but it now takes you to some thing I am not familiar with... The has to be an easier way for abd....
  14. I have not removed it since I put it in. Who wants to pull out? No seriously it has been there since day one. I notice on reboots that sometimes I get messages that it isn't inserted which leads me to think it is either to big to mount quickly enough or something else is wrong. I do have some larger apps that installed to it...
  15. I have tried numerous file explorers and the issue is the same... I cannot find the documents or pictures. for the pictures, when I go into the gallery I see the double albums and when I try to go into them I see photos in each. when I try to remove one of the albums I then have the one left. I go into the one and I have place holders or blank thumbnails for the images that are or were there. It is really strange and I believe it stems from my using this as internal storage instead of portable/external storage. Either that or the 128GB is not playing well with that internal storage ability.. Especially on reboots... a Class 10 UHS3 is not fast enough??? maybe a 128GB class 10 uhs3 isn't fast enough? I do not know just that I am frustrated losing files this way.