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  1. Okay so Motorola has the links for the SDK but it now takes you to some thing I am not familiar with... The has to be an easier way for abd....
  2. I have not removed it since I put it in. Who wants to pull out? No seriously it has been there since day one. I notice on reboots that sometimes I get messages that it isn't inserted which leads me to think it is either to big to mount quickly enough or something else is wrong. I do have some larger apps that installed to it...
  3. I have tried numerous file explorers and the issue is the same... I cannot find the documents or pictures. for the pictures, when I go into the gallery I see the double albums and when I try to go into them I see photos in each. when I try to remove one of the albums I then have the one left. I go into the one and I have place holders or blank thumbnails for the images that are or were there. It is really strange and I believe it stems from my using this as internal storage instead of portable/external storage. Either that or the 128GB is not playing well with that internal storage ability.. Especially on reboots... a Class 10 UHS3 is not fast enough??? maybe a 128GB class 10 uhs3 isn't fast enough? I do not know just that I am frustrated losing files this way.
  4. Okay... I am wanting to turn off the "use SD as internal" bit... I am losing stuff, images and documents, from the SD card each time it boots. I guess mounting isn't as quick as it should be on my device so it loses stuff. Like now I have double photo albums and when I remove one of them the one that is left has unreadable images in it. Really aggravating. I am also going to pull the 128 GB class 10 uhs3 card and look at a 64gb uhs1 card instead. I definitely do not want to use it as internal and keep it as external. Oh how do I turn that feature off? Or can't I?
  5. iR1O for president or at least the head of ALL wireless carriers in regards to discounts!
  6. My employer has a 22% partner discount and it isn't a military discount... Although I do qualify for a military discount my employers partner discount is more.
  7. It has been a while since I did any of this as stock has been pretty good to me. I got the unlocking bootloader part.. getting TWRP... That is where I am hung up. Any specific thread here to guide me along?
  8. Thanks now to unlock the bootloader and go from there...
  9. Do I have to be rooted to do this?
  10. Okay so I was able to get more screens. Thanks. Swing the G pill does nothing. Do you have or use the Google cards? So swiping the G pill does nothing but if I tap it the search opens but then if I tap the G again I get taken to the now cards... Just wish they were at the swipe left instead... Is there a way to change the color of the weather info? White on a light background isn't easy to read...
  11. Now with the pixel launcher being available on apkmirror I have given it a try. Pretty nice launcher. Only thing is that I cannot figure out how to add additional home screens much less get my Google now cards on a screen. I really like the launcher, especially the Google search bar, err button...
  12. Ya the stupid contact thing... Have one device holding us back from switching and with partner discount shared 8gb with byod it would be like $105... Whereas with uscc it is like $115+ But soon I say we will be moving over to the dark side, Verizon that is..
  13. Does your employer offer a partner discount with Verizon? For us we would be right about $10 cheaper with Verizon because the partner discount for us would be 22% and I believe USCellular is only 15%..
  14. That is that they know of that they have not been compromised... If they were that good they meet not leave a trace..