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  1. I have at least one location set the same way based on my location then I have another set to my home location, and I have one for my sister's location. Big brother looking out for little sis.
  2. Okay when you said persistent I mistook that and saw priority under the notifications for all my weather apps this I have installed and those I tried and removed. When you say persistent I am unable to locate a setting for that in settings... Are you taking like the persistent Google weather thing in the screen shot I provided earlier? If that be the case that is not what I am looking for. Has anyone with a nougat based device tried to get weather advisories to be shown? I am going this is just a failure on 6.0 and it is back with 7.0+...
  3. Okay this is the Google notification that I get but that is not a weather advisory, the first screen shot. And I would say telling you it is going to rain is not a weather advisory. Something like the second screen shot is a weather advisory that isn't showing up... Change your location to 54601 and see if that notification advisory shows up... And yes the persistent thing was already checked I thought.. and mine is set This advisory isn't wiring me either.
  4. Yes keep us informed if they activate a G4 4th edition... Plus that is... We looked at the G4 plus and USCellular flat out said no even though Motorola said yes many times.
  5. Mine has been turned on. I get the weather card when I swipe left from the home screen. I just don't get weather advisories... I get the weather.. the issue is the severe weather stuff. And if for some reason they start working for the now card why don't they work for the 5 apps I have tried.. If it works for the now card could it be Google removed the ability for other apps to show severe weather advisories... Rub, install another weather app on the wife's phone and when you have severe weather see which one works to notify you of the weather advisory...
  6. These are not the issue but I thank you for sharing where to find them. It is purely the weather notifications
  7. I have the Google weather now, not on a card as I have to look for that setting but I have a shortcut to the Google weather. Nice to know that with 7.1.1 it is back 50% of the time, or it works 50% of the time.
  8. Both of you using a stock device running Android 6.0? If she is I would like to know what weather app so I can try it. And what device also. I am pretty much on top of it but I like to know when there are advisories such as a winter storm being upgraded as that could mean school closings that I would have to work out care for our son and trying to be ahead of it helps. Plus if traveling I am not familiar with the area having the weather based on my location and getting those notifications helps.
  9. Did you set Kansas city? You are on Android 6.0??? Just want to make sure.
  10. Yep it was already set to always... I am hoping it is something that will come back if I ever get nougat... I feel this is another fail like the full mute issue I had before
  11. As is any weather app I try! I paid for two different ones on to of trying to others and they all FAIL to show weather advisories with Android 6.0 Beweather works just fine with any flavor of Android 5.x that I have had our tried. It is once again, something with 6.0 if none of the weather apps tried will show weather advisories.... If you look at that screen shot I believe I shared a few posts back I have wxow weather app and it too doesn't show notifications and it is updated constantly. Even the Google weather isn't showing weather advisories...
  12. All permissions are granted. I really think this is an Android 6.0 issue. Other weather apps perform the same way on 6.0... The weather advisory notifications do not show up. Just leave it to the coders writing the Android operating system to lose functionality from one release to another. Does anyone here reading this thread have nougat that would care to install a weather app and wait for a weather advisory to show in notifications? I am hoping the functionality is back with nougat...
  13. No Greenify or Naptime... Pretty vanilla here with what I have running. Nothing to get better battery life as it has been great enough on its own. I am going to lean that Android coders made it so the weather alerts won't work on 6.0... Anyone with nougat have weather advisories that actually show up? Missed another set of advisories with this last storm yesterday. Really looking to go back to my old skool X... At least stuff works somewhat.... None of this crap there is now.
  14. Mine was already set that way...
  15. I inquired with uscc about activating one and they wouldn't even consider it.. if you get one I would be interested to know if you get it activated. We ended up with X Pure edition with 32gb for $249...