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  1. Is there a hand written name with a picture of the phone? Unless the screenshot suffices for the powers to be?
  2. Maybe they throttle after you get to a certain amount of usage... Like getting to 20gb then they throttle you? I don't know but that seems like what they would try.
  3. When does the Moto G5 come out?
  4. Wow that was more than what I was looking for but it is a nice step by step. The Motorola junk came from their website for unlocking the bootloader. We have a new laptop and I don't have any tools on it yet so I downloaded their junk. Thank you now even I could follow this.. a rock or pebble could
  5. Okay so Motorola has the links for the SDK but it now takes you to some thing I am not familiar with... The has to be an easier way for abd....
  6. I have not removed it since I put it in. Who wants to pull out? No seriously it has been there since day one. I notice on reboots that sometimes I get messages that it isn't inserted which leads me to think it is either to big to mount quickly enough or something else is wrong. I do have some larger apps that installed to it...
  7. I have tried numerous file explorers and the issue is the same... I cannot find the documents or pictures. for the pictures, when I go into the gallery I see the double albums and when I try to go into them I see photos in each. when I try to remove one of the albums I then have the one left. I go into the one and I have place holders or blank thumbnails for the images that are or were there. It is really strange and I believe it stems from my using this as internal storage instead of portable/external storage. Either that or the 128GB is not playing well with that internal storage ability.. Especially on reboots... a Class 10 UHS3 is not fast enough??? maybe a 128GB class 10 uhs3 isn't fast enough? I do not know just that I am frustrated losing files this way.
  8. Okay... I am wanting to turn off the "use SD as internal" bit... I am losing stuff, images and documents, from the SD card each time it boots. I guess mounting isn't as quick as it should be on my device so it loses stuff. Like now I have double photo albums and when I remove one of them the one that is left has unreadable images in it. Really aggravating. I am also going to pull the 128 GB class 10 uhs3 card and look at a 64gb uhs1 card instead. I definitely do not want to use it as internal and keep it as external. Oh how do I turn that feature off? Or can't I?
  9. iR1O for president or at least the head of ALL wireless carriers in regards to discounts!
  10. My employer has a 22% partner discount and it isn't a military discount... Although I do qualify for a military discount my employers partner discount is more.
  11. It has been a while since I did any of this as stock has been pretty good to me. I got the unlocking bootloader part.. getting TWRP... That is where I am hung up. Any specific thread here to guide me along?
  12. Thanks now to unlock the bootloader and go from there...
  13. Do I have to be rooted to do this?
  14. Okay so I was able to get more screens. Thanks. Swing the G pill does nothing. Do you have or use the Google cards? So swiping the G pill does nothing but if I tap it the search opens but then if I tap the G again I get taken to the now cards... Just wish they were at the swipe left instead... Is there a way to change the color of the weather info? White on a light background isn't easy to read...
  15. Now with the pixel launcher being available on apkmirror I have given it a try. Pretty nice launcher. Only thing is that I cannot figure out how to add additional home screens much less get my Google now cards on a screen. I really like the launcher, especially the Google search bar, err button...