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  1. My device is downloading nougat now. Will see what happens when it is done. Well let you know what happens if anything....
  2. To switch or not

    So here is the fine print they don't print regarding the cheap price... From Facebook U.S. Cellular Hi David. The qualifying phones for the iPhone upgrade offer include iPhone 6 or better, Galaxy 6 or better and LG G6 or better. Without a qualifying phone, the cost would be $23.30 per month for 30 months. ^Jeff 5 hours ago ยท
  3. To switch or not

    To switch to the new iPhone 8 or not? Any input? I don't see any Android devices going anywhere except Samsung and I refuse to go that route again. Right now we can upgrade for $12 a month to get the iPhone 8. Well there be anything better for promotions? We won't know will we.. I guessed if we switch to another carrier we could get free ones but why go through that hassle. So the iPhone 8 or not. Is it a good device? We are not rooters or modders just wanting good devices.
  4. Upgrading plan online

    You might want to ask that in their Facebook page. We may have employees here but the majority of us are not employees but rather enthusiasts. I get a similar message with our account so I think it is something to do with the USCellular website
  5. To switch or not

    With our son in second grade now using iPads at school, and having an iPad here at home, only makes sense in some weird way of thinking to keep with one type or variety of OS. Hell, I am even thinking of ditching the Microsoft Windows 10 laptop as every time we go to use it we wait for updates to apply before we can do anything. Going with an apple laptop as well. Back to the iPhone 8, ya I read about the screen resolution but you know I don't watch much 4k video on a portable device so would it be a show stopper... I don't think so. My major thing now pay the extra to go with 256gb or just 64gb... I do have the 1tb cloud storage now so photos and videos would upload there and not take up space on the device. As far as the screens being cluttered I could organize in folders or move all but the most used to the other screens, if it is like the iPad we have. Plus right now the plus 64gb is only $12 a month and the 256gb is $15 and change. Way cheaper than the iPhone 7... Only thing that stinks is because we have xpe's we would have to go in to a store as the online doesn't register the xpe's so it doesn't register upgrade capability. Silly web portal.
  6. Farewell!

    Okay so who was given that bad if magic candy? Adam, did you pass that along as well? Thanks for everything you have done here! It wouldn't be what it is without you! Stop in and share a cold frosty one from time to time. Oh and do you still have the Apple hookup?
  7. Okay I searched, maybe I didn't do that well. Do we have a sticky thread that lists all the unlocked devices out there like the pixel phones that we can take to another carrier? All brands list?
  8. That looks close but hard to understand
  9. there are some missing such as the moto G I believe.... maybe I was searching for something more simpler.... I wasn't looking for something " Can-I-GSM/Sim-Unlock-my " I was looking for just a sticky list of phones that are known to already be unlocked and use able on the USCellular network... If that is the list you provided then great. I am talking un-modified, right out of the box unlocked and ready for any network.
  10. Has anyone seen what you tube channel "project mayhem" has been doing to these scammers?
  11. Prepaid Question

    They really need to train everyone. When I went in they confirmed that call forwarding is not available with prepaid. Works out cheaper for us the way I ended up doing it. Have the number forwarded to my Google voice number and then that rings on my normal device. I have the texts forwarded as well. Just now to figure out how to reply to either and have the third line number shown to others... Text and calls.. without having to carry two devices
  12. Prepaid Question

    Got the prepaid with a number I was satisfied with. Problem with prepaid, no features like call forwarding!! So I had prepaid for a whole 2 days then we went in and made it the third line on our account and at the same time they wouldn't do it as we had a shared data plan and supposedly they are obsolete so we had to go on one of these new plans. Not to happy about it but we will see.
  13. Prepaid Question

    So I can take one of our old phones in, activate it on a prepaid plan then the next day port it over to Google voice? That would be so awesome. Wonder of there was a way to check a numbers availability without having to go in... Hmmf
  14. Prepaid Question

    I have a prepaid question... How long do you need to keep a prepaid plan before you can port that number out? Why am I asking... well.. I am wanting to get a local number and then port that to my google voice. or is there another provider that I can do this with that may be cheaper than USCellular.... google voice doesn't have any local numbers and I am the new commander at my american legion post and I would like to have a local number for contact purposes for legion business....
  15. Unlimited on US Celluar

    I wish Verizon has a way for you to trial with a Sim to test signal in say a days travel without actually changing over to them....
  16. Unlimited on US Celluar

    Ouch!!!!! We pay $126 for two lines on a shared plan now. The same at Verizon will run us $104... Well at least two months ago it would have. Not sure with the rip offs happening now..
  17. Unlimited on US Celluar

    Is that with USCellular or Verizon? With all this crap with USCellular misleading so called unlimited plans that are best suited for those who don't use data we will never switch to it. Now our plans for Verizon also do not include unlimited data. Just to much crap with it. Now put all the fine print out first and don't go back on anything well then that might turn us. Funny how partner discount supposedly is only applied on the data part but now with unlimited data you can't use that discount.. another garbage play by either company. I know switching our current plan to the same equivalent plan at Verizon would drop our bill by just over $20.00.... just the silly contract or phone bs with USCellular is keeping us from leaving now.
  18. Unlimited on US Celluar

    USCellular also has a military/veterans discount which is also 15% the last time I checked. But for us we can't piggy back discounts so my wife's 17% partner discount it is. When we make the big red switch my work has a 22% partner discount with big red so we will be using that.
  19. Galaxy S8

    I saw one of those new s8's yesterday. The first thing that came to mind, Apple clone... Narrow bodied device like iPhones, fingerprint reader like iPhone, on and on.. Not impressed.
  20. Unlimited on US Celluar

    Could the iPhones not being throttled be that they are iPhones? Back when uscc was blocking tethering they couldn't stop iPhones from tethering, only the Android devices. Maybe this inability to throttle the iPhones is similar? Just thinking out loud
  21. Unlimited on US Celluar

    Well I just went to the USCellular site and at the bottom on the page that tells about these new plans it says unlimited will be at SD speeds and then throttled to 2g speeds at 22 GB of use. The 2 & 6 GB plans will be at HD speeds then I believe they drop to 2g speeds once they got the 2 or 6 GB limits. What a joke. Got to rip customers off some way they can..
  22. Data during phone calls

    If you are connected to WiFi I thought you could still be on a call and use the web. But the thing is that you must be on WiFi.
  23. Okay so I took the dive and now have a brand new iPad tablet. Any iPad or iPhone users here that can tell me how to get a clutter free home screen? I am putting apps into folders but that seems excessive. Is there really no way to customize this thing like you can an Android with a pretty much blank home screen? Oh and is there a way to decrease the spacing of the icons?
  24. iPad customization without jailbreak

    I have begun making the folders and grouping, pure silliness if you ask me. Anyone know how to go back other than constantly having to go home? Should every app have a means to go back and I am not seeing it yet? Also some games I notice with ios do not have an exit game whereas their Android equivalent does have an exit game. I must say battery life so far is amazing! Spent 2.5 hours on it last night and left it off the charger overnight and I still had 98% charge left! Will be interesting when I am done getting it set up fully what battery life we get.
  25. My Nexus 7 first generation tablet is starting to become laggy and slow even rooted and running an older version of Android since the device can't run the latest. Any how, I went out and got a best buy insignia 8 inch tablet based on the price and as close to stock Android as possible. Needless to say I got what I paid for as the dam thing doesn't keep wifi connection and drops it more than it keeps it. In looking at other tablets and seeing the new iPad coming out, best bang for the buck now seems to be the iPad... Wish I could stay with an 8 inch or smaller tablet but the prices of Android tablets with any good are just as much if not more than iPad devices now. Anyone care to chime in? And no I do not want a Kindle either...