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    dBuster got a reaction from BoгИX in Image of Samsung KQ?   
    That linked article, it mentions a faked photo...
    actually the story title is "Image of premium Samsung KQ snapped by Mr. Blurrycam? (No, it's a photoshopped Galaxy Note)"
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    dBuster reacted to Holden45 in Certain Device Blamed For Network Issues?   
    I'd definitely ditch my s3 for a Motorola x but that's the only thing I would go for. Could be the issue cause network slow down has gotten worse with more s3's sold. Keep us in the loop I want a different phone.
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    dBuster reacted to BoгИX in Certain Device Blamed For Network Issues?   
    I'll wait until everyone else ditches theirs so I can keep mine and be "that guy".