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  1. My days are numbered

    Are you in the same area tho?
  2. Just about forced to switch to someone else...

    Can't tell the difference. Lol, I knew what he meant. I was just saying.
  3. Is USCC a takeover target?

    Sprints coverage in WI are not good re 4G, plus their towers are always going out. Reading about Mary Dillon leaving says much, and if Sprint is buying out USCC, then At&t or VZ will be next for me.
  4. [Two Word Game]

    Disaster Service
  5. [Two Word Game]

    Acceptance Iphone
  6. [Two Word Game]

    Nonsense Topic
  7. 5% Discount + Upgrade Cycle

    Logged on to see new system. My plan is safe, but I didn't see auto pay. I probably should check payment history. Anyways, when you click on pay bill, you have to call now? Weird. I like paying online. I have to play with it more tho, I only wanted to see if my plan was the same. New system? Tops hasn't been implement in WI yet.I logged into my account and did see anything different. For real? Looked real new. No autopay for sure.
  8. Thinking of jumping ship...

    Glad I found this. At least now when I do switch if USC changes to worst I will try AT&T. Gulp. VZW never was bad, but I saved about a $100 coming to USC. But now to keep my 5gb family deal, I must stay grandfathered in. Too young to be a grandfather after only 2 1/2 years with USC.