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  1. Sammobile Nougat Download

    Hate to be that guy... But is there root for this yet?
  2. 6.0.1 Root SM-G920R4

    Sorry... I meant firmware. Thanks so much for the link. I'm about to check it out
  3. 6.0.1 Root SM-G920R4

    where can i download the rom at a reasonable speed. sammobile is SLLLLLLOOOOOWWWW
  4. Please swing by and leave a reply of interest. Maybe if enough replies are made, someone can work something out for us :-)
  5. 5.1.1 (OI1) Stock Firmware

    Stupid question before I brick my phone... this goes into the AP slot in Odin?
  6. Any custom ROMs out for this yet?

    Stupid question here... what is it that is so different from the USCC variant that won't allow for these other ROMs to work? I'm assuming there is a piece or pieces of hardware that are different? I assume the modem file is different and certain configurations must be different to work properly with the cell service.
  7. I've been waiting patiently :-)
  8. S6 deodex / xposed

  9. Custom ROM support for G920r4?

    Is there a list somewhere of all of the stuff that I can safely get rid of and how?
  10. So yeah... find a bunch of sweet custom ROMs and none of them support r4! Even tried flashing XtreStoLite and evidently the modem isn't compatible :-( Wifi works, but no mobile Any suggestions? The samsung bloat is ATROCIOUS! Just got this phone 3 days ago, and I don't use 90% of samsung crap on it.
  11. Root for 5.1.1

    CONFIRMED! thanks guys!
  12. I'm trying to root an electrify that is second hand and I noticed there are several different guides depending on if the phone was shipped with 2.3.5 or had an OTA update to 2.3.5. I have no way of knowing what the deal is from the previous owner. is there anyway to determine this?