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  1. Motorola apps

    Well some of the "selling" points for me getting the 6 aren't there now. If it doesn't have the moto app or at least the wave feature then my next question would be... Bang for your buck, what do you guys think the best phone us cellular has got right now? Processor speed, larger screen size, memory capacity.... I know this thread has wandered and I apologize but if I'm going in debt for a new phone I'd like the smart people (you guys) to give me your input. You've kicked the tires... What say you?
  2. Motorola apps

    Bottom line me please.... If I wave my hand over the phone will the lockscreen appear? And just for your info... I've gone through 3 local stores before I found a nexus 6... Seems like they are not restocking
  3. Motorola apps

    Ok, Sry, I'm talking about the last years 6 made by Motorola. So it has active display, great! What about shake for flashlight or camera? Is there anything about the phone that if you could buy it again you wouldn't?
  4. Motorola apps

    Since it is a Motorola phone is there a way to "take" the app from the x and make it work on the 6?
  5. Motorola apps

    Forgive me if this is covered somewhere but I'm getting ready to go from moto x second edition to the nexus 6. I was just told that even though it is a Motorola phone the nexus 6 will not make use of the moto apps that are on the x. I. E. The wave to turn on screen, hands free driving, shake flash light etc. Is this true? Not a deal breaker but gee that would suck.
  6. Bug reports

    Well I just got a new bug report... Imagine my surprise when I clicked on the link irub1out left. That's pretty cool.... You got me lol...
  7. Bug reports

    Well thanks guys.... I guess it's worth sending... Maybe whatever issues it finds will get a fix. Thanks again.
  8. Bug reports

    Thanks bud... Is it worth sending them? If so do you know where?
  9. Bug reports

    Bump.... Just wondering if anyone can answer this?
  10. Bug reports

    I've been getting a lot of bug reports lately. Like 2-4 a week for the past month. I don't send them because I don't know who to send them to. But I figured that they are being stored somewhere on the phone taking up some of the precious little space I have and was wondering if anyone knew where the are stored? If it's OK to delete them and or send them to whomever? Thanks guys...
  11. Update?

    Well cool.... Why didn't I think of that... (don't answer that please).... Thanks for the help!
  12. Update?

    I've downloaded the update.... My screen has a full page that says install now or longer getting the notification . just the full page install...
  13. Update?

    So how do I get my phone to stop reminding me to install this thing? Seeing as I can't install it........
  14. Hangouts :(

    Thanks again man.....
  15. Hangouts :(

    How do you get ride of the unlocked screen at start up?