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  1. Note 2 wont boot past Samsung logo

    I personally dont like the workflow of TWRP. Im just too used to how CWM operates Ill hop in the chat room. Thanks!
  2. Note 2 wont boot past Samsung logo

    Ok so now I have wiped the entire device again after flashing CWM. I then flashed MK5 (the latest version) in Odin and also flashed the MK3 radio over in CWM, still no dice. It's allowing me to mount the /sdcard directory without complaining now whereas it wasnt before.
  3. Note 2 wont boot past Samsung logo

    Ok so I re-flashed CWM, formatted everything, and used Odin to put it back to MK5, and its still not booting beyond the Samsung logo. It's been going for a solid 15 minutes now. Any ideas?
  4. Note 2 wont boot past Samsung logo

    Yeah first boot always takes forever, I let it run its course for over an hour. I'll re-flash CWM over and advanced wipe the entire system. Do you think a faulty SIM would prevent it from booting? It's worth a shot, I'll grab an extra one I have lying around my store to try it out. Thanks for the help! I'll report back with its status.
  5. Hey guys I need a little bit of help. I'm usually insanely self-sufficient with these kind of things and can figure a problem out on my own, but this one has me totally stumped. My girlfriend has a Note 2 that we purchased from a buddy of mine and it has performed exceptionally for a while, but one day about 2 months ago, her phone rebooted itself and said that the information on the phone is damaged (I'm assuming the /sdcard or /data partition?) and it needs to be factory reset. I tried to salvage any data I could, but efforts were futile. Fast forward about two months, and shes using her phone with about 15% battery remaining and it comes with the error "SIM Card Missing" and the phone reboots itself. This time, it gets to the Samsung logo (after the US Cellular badge) and just sits there. In order, here are the steps I've already taken. Full backup in CWM, no error that I can remember regarding /sdcard or /dataTried to mount /sdcard, but receive errorMounted USB and transferred Wizenheimer Lite to see if possibly a non-stock ROM would help, also transferred Devil2 KernelInstalled Wizenheimer Lite, rebooted the device, doesnt boot past the same pointFlashed Devil2 Kernel, same resultDid another Factory Data Reset just in case, same resultRe-flashed CWM in Odin, same resultRepeated the above steps with the updated CWM, same resultFlashed MK3 Stock Odin file using Odin, same resultI'm pretty stuck at this point. I'm currently at work racking my brain to try and figure this out but I'm afraid that /data or /sdcard may be botched, but I don't know if that would cause the device to get stuck at the boot screen indefinitely. Any ideas would be fantastic.
  6. $50 unlimited everything prepay coming soon

    You get 500mb of "High speed data" which they define as 4g and 3g. After that 500mb, you get throttled to 1x. You do NOT get unlimited 3g. This comes directly from my leader guide. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  7. $50 unlimited everything prepay coming soon

    Only downside of this plan is that after 500mb you get throttled to 1x.
  8. Uprepaid

    uPrepaid is nothing more than a contract deal between Alltel Wireless and US Cellular where they use our towers and services but it's realistically run by Alltel. uPrepaid will always be restricted to which devices you can use on it.
  9. Contracts, Returns, Autopay - Delayed

    Changes are coming on the 19th.
  10. Using upgrade on line before leaving

    Technically yes, but if you do that I hope you understand you are screwing the person you purchase that phone from over.
  11. Forced to change data package

    A buddy I work with had me do an upgrade for him not too long ago, and he was on a retired belief plan called the 450 Essential Plus or something like that which includes 5gb of data for no extra charge. His bill is about 74.99/mo + taxes. The kicker of this is that his plan does no exist in the system, so we cant print contracts for it. We have to manually write them out. What Im getting at here is that on older plans, these issues have more to do with your specific plan, not necessarily the genre or timeframe they originate from.
  12. Forced to change data package

    USCC Agent checking in: When you move over to a different OS, we actually have to change the kind of data package (BB, Android, WIndows). They also audit this every so often to ensure accuracy. On some plans that are being removed from the system, you cant change features away from their original settings or you lose that feature permanently, as well as its pricing structure. This is obviously a way that USCC weens people off older, less profitable plans. On the other hand, say you're on a retired Belief Plan like the Family Essential Plus 1500 which included 5gb of data per line, the option for OS still exists when changing features. So my question for you is what plan are you on? When you perform an Eligibility Upgrade do you still have to sign contracts?
  13. Look what I have...

    I WANT ONE. We havent even gotten our ELK at my agent location yet, Im excited just to check out the dummy phone....