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  1. Unofficial Carbon 4.4 Nightlies

    Link is broken.
  2. C spire roms

    I'm on C Spire and, if it comes up that error, you can just edit the build.prop script.
  3. [ROM] [AOSP]SlimLP jflteusc

    Yeah data is fine. I'm also on a different network though. I'll try it again tonight and see if it that'll work.
  4. [ROM] [AOSP]SlimLP jflteusc

    Booted up fine on mine. I had no issues that I could tell, but I wasn't able to notch my dpi up to 420. :\
  5. Wait are you sure about the gapps from cm green? This one has to use the odexed gapps right?
  6. Beta xposed fully functional for 4.4

    Do you guys use hangouts? And if so, do you greenify it and then enable the gcm push and have no issues with it receiving messages? I'm having a lot of wakeups from hangouts, which is understandable seeing I use it as IMing and sms, but I wanted to see if it was cleared to be greenified and worked well,
  7. Currently running this on my phone. Just flash away like in OP.
  8. Beta xposed fully functional for 4.4

    Gravity Box seems to be fully working as well! Moose, you can use Gravity Box to allow the recents ram clear all on 4.4. Matthius, what did you use for your clock, and did it ever mess up the transparency for the status bar? Mine is black now.. -.-
  9. Beta xposed fully functional for 4.4

    Here's the xda thread too. http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?p=47771876 Definitely going to help with battery life!
  10. Oh Gr33n XD No issues here on the latest build. I'm glad now that there's 4.4 xposed!
  11. Wait, has the link been updated? Says I'm downloading the 18th version.
  12. Yay! Flashing! Thanks Gr33n.
  13. It has A LOT of working features. Flash and find out!