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  1. [SUPPORT] (Kernel) ktoonsez kt747

  2. No signal after stock odin

    Had this happen on my sg3, had to do a factory reset from the settings menu to get data back (after odin) not sure if the sg4 would be the same. Edit: ninja'd Sent from my Moto X
  3. Why all the Touchwiz hate?

    Very true and it's going to be even longer due to me handing my Moto X over to my son as soon as my N3 gets here. Sent from my Moto X
  4. Why all the Touchwiz hate?

    I'm on stock JB, locked bootloader, there isn't a custom rom for my phone yet Sent from my Moto X
  5. Why all the Touchwiz hate?

    GravityBox is your friend (available in the download section in Xposed) Sent from my Moto X
  6. It's supposed to and that's where the root block comes into play. We will see what happens Sent from my Moto X
  7. From what I hear, the update also blocks root (at least till someone finds a new way) Sent from my Moto X
  8. Samsung Galaxy Mega

    The rep at our local store thought it was a joke when he first opened the box, then realized it was a demo phone and was really going to be released. After he checked it out and saw how bad the resolution was, he figured it was just a "bragging rights" phone for showing off the big screen, even though it's a lousy screen anyway. Should have had a HD screen for a phone that big. Sent from my Moto X
  9. Samsung Galaxy Mega

    Go in and hold one, hold it to your ear, it's oversized, need cargo pockets if you want it to fit. Can't imagine how big it would be if you put a case on it, lol. Sent from my Moto X
  10. [ROM] [AOSP][5.0] SlimLP (D2USC)

    Well, you could always ask Nick if he has them, I don't think anybody has brought it up yet Sent from my Moto X
  11. [ROM] [AOSP][5.0] SlimLP (D2USC)

    Yahoo mail worked better for me than the stock one, and the play store is full of free calendars that look like stock. Sent from my Moto X
  12. [ROM] [AOSP][5.0] SlimLP (D2USC)

    Hate to call you wrong I but I restore ALL my user apps/data and some system data, like Alarms, wifi points, stuff like that with TB and NEVER had a problem. Some of these apps I've been backing up and restoring since I had the Moment in 2010Umm, I said "prevents issues" and this does help cover the "I did a dirty install and restored all my data and apps, but something isn't right, things Fc, apps no longer work" and so on. Thanks for chiming in. Sent from my Moto X
  13. Help me make a decision... Moto X

    I can tether just fine, built In and third-party app (AT&T) Sent from my Moto X
  14. [ROM] [AOSP][5.0] SlimLP (D2USC)

    Yep, uninstall it and install it againSent from my Moto X Uninstall and reinstall the app itself? Or the whole rom?Just Hangouts, that's the only one giving you problems, right? Or download the inverted version and flash it Sent from my Moto X
  15. [ROM] [AOSP][5.0] SlimLP (D2USC)

    The op states how to get root back, you have to turn it on. Sent from my Moto X