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  1. USC TV commercial

    I agree when I see the commercial too. It's like, yeah not so much
  2. Right. I figured I'd ask. I figured out how to blow through my original 2 gigs but I think they finally caught on.
  3. The last few months I was getting away with thirty gigs. Now they seem to be paying attention. I don't have Wi-Fi and it sucks.
  4. Oh this would be awesome!
  5. 4debrick soft bricked phone

    Yeah that's what I'll do tomorrow. Just sucks being without a phone lol
  6. 4debrick soft bricked phone

    Mobile Odin. I tried to see if it would give me better reception but I guess the one I downgraded to was an old one. For some reason recovery won't boot. Download more does. At this point if you don't know a way I'll fix it via computer tomorrow.
  7. I tried to downgrade modem and now it's bootlooping. For some reason I can't get into recovery. I'm away from my computer. Any way to fix this tonight without a computer I'm on 4.4.4 dirty unicorn. Tried to downgrade mk2 to mi5
  8. So unless us cellular releases it were screwed
  9. Could have sworn I've seen it implemented in a different aosp rom. Maybe I'm mistaken or maybe it didn't work. I know it was on some rom because I remember. And I don't use touchwiz so it def wasn't that
  10. I haven't seen much and what I have seen is kernels for touchwiz
  11. Texts and outgoing calls work. Incoming don't. Data also works. No new versions as of now
  12. Can't flash Rom, help please

    I figured it out. I was using the universal hlte version of recoveries. I odin the right one. Dumb mistake Thanks for the help and the latest twrp
  13. Incoming call issue was a cm issue that I saw someone mention
  14. Can't flash Rom, help please

    Yeah. They're all correct. Not unified. I just got what I thought was the latest version of twrp but I'll check again. I've tried 3 different ones with no luck. One Phil'z, and two different twrp. Lollipop works fine but not kit kat. I'll try again. I've downloaded it multiple times too.