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  1. Nexus 6p Battery Life

    Granted this is an old thread but I didn't see any reason to start a new one. I'm also curious what type of battery everyone is getting. I have been more than impressed with the 6p. Rooted 6/21 Pure Nexus rom W/ latest elementalx kernel W/ Heimdall v5. I can easily get 5-6 hrs sot over the course of 2 days generally. How is everyone else holding up?
  2. Got my 6P

  3. Got my 6P

    I started with the latest dirty unicorns last night. Just decided to try Pure Nexus. (just flashed) I have heard so many good things about it and i never tried it on my nexus 6. Yes it is still available.
  4. Got my 6P

    Well I bought a Nexus 6P today. My son cracked the screen on my nexus 6 and it started to act a little weird sometimes. I was going to wait for the 2016 nexus but the 6p seems like a good device. Downloading rom now, already rooted. Anyone have a favorite rom to recommend? (I know there is a section already just asking out of curiosity)
  5. So it finally happened

    They have just been cell phone repair places or electronic places. I found the glass and tools online In a kid for $25. Found the digitalized panel for around $189 but that mean you would have to install it. One of the places in the Midwest was called "ubreakifix". Sorry about your phone dude. Sucks that it doesn't work at all.
  6. So it finally happened

    Well after a really bad day to begin with I'm walking out of the urgent care later that night because I put a drill bit into my hand while the drill was running. I had my 2 year old because the wife was out of town. So to keep him entertained I let him watch some shows on my phone. Couldn't get my POS galaxy s6 (work phone) to connect to the hospital's wifi so the little lad had my baby. My near and dear to me Nexus 6. After a couple hours of being stuck in the hospital and episode after episode streamed across the beautiful display it was time to head home. We make it about half way to the car while he is still carrying my phone. I'm on my work phone talking to my wife to give her an update on my hand when I hear the worst sound ever. Worse than nails on a chalk board. The clean crisp clap sound a device makes when it lands perfectly face down on the concrete sidewalk. Withoit looking I knew she had been damaged. The screen has finally cracked. I feel happy as this is the longest I have ever went with a phone without wrecking it, and I didn't even wreck this one so......My question to you guys are these. Has anyone replaced their glass? Glass only. Where would be a good place to buy a new nexuses 6 or refurbished Nexus 6? Maybe even used if I felt I could buy with confidence. Where would be a good place to consider to have it repaired? I have already called quite a few places and price ranges from $150 - $275. If I have to spend $275 I would rather put up with it like this for a while and put hay money toward another device later. Give me your thoughts. Thanks for all the help guys! Btw the phone is still usable as I just typed this on it so... yeah Thanks again.
  7. One plus 3

    and better specs!
  8. One plus 3

    Point taken. Just seen the LTE bands were the same
  9. One plus 3

    Any chance uscc will let us bring a one plus 3 to their network?
  10. [Nexus 6] Home Screen Screenshots!

    Current set up.
  11. Rom Discussion Thread[Fav/Best ROMS]

    I would say 10 min. IDK maybe I was impatient. I will have to give it a go again sometime. When did a clean flash it seemed to go pretty quick in comparison so... Oh well i'm a happy camper right now.
  12. Rom Discussion Thread[Fav/Best ROMS]

    I'm running the latest weekly of Dirty Unicorns right now. I'm really enjoying this rom. Lots of different options. So far the battery life has been the best that I have seen. I came from the latest Chroma and DU takes the cake. Side note and this is not to hijack the thread but, does it take a really long time to flash roms on multirom? I was going to keep Chroma as my internal rom and flash DU as a secondary but it stayed at "Flashing" for a really long time and I just ended up aborting it. Doesn't matter did a full wipe and flash DU as primary and so far it kicks some serious butt. Edit: changed word
  13. [Nexus 6] Home Screen Screenshots!

    Did I just see you post this over on xda?Sent from my Nexus 6 using Tapatalk
  14. Native Call Blocking/Recording?

    Just got mine through the play store update also. Sent from my Nexus 6 using Tapatalk
  15. [Nexus 6] Home Screen Screenshots!

    If we have a thread like this forgive me. Mods feel free to delete if its a repeat. Let's see everyone's home screens! Here is mine. I like em simple. Annnnnd go! Sent from my Nexus 6 using Tapatalk