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  1. Anyone else vape?

    Still waiting on snail mail for my evic mini. I purchased a Uwell Crown tank, but have nothing to use it on. Hopefully I get it today if not sometime after Christmas. USPS is the real grinch of Christmas. Happy Holidays Everybody.
  2. Anyone else vape?

    Thanks, I looked at the Atlantis, I'm considering getting it, not sure yet. It's probably my cheapest option which is good. Heard the Uwell Crown is good but it's expensive. Think I will buy my battery locally.
  3. Anyone else vape?

    Well, I purchased the evic mini 75w box mod. Change my mind about the istick. Waiting on snail mail now. I didn't get the full kit, just the mod so I'm still searching for a decent and cheap sub ohm tank. My local vape shops sell them for 2~3 times the amount I see online.
  4. Anyone else vape?

    I have changed my mind, think I'm going with the istick 60w kit, it comes with the Melo 2 tank which I hear is really good. I like the evic but it's a little bit out of my budget for the whole kit.
  5. Anyone else vape?

    My reason for vaping is I'm am trying to quit smoking cigarettes. I use to smoke pack a day. Think I'm going with the evic mini 60w. I probably don't need that many watts but I want something that'll last and doesn't die when the battery dies. Any suggestions on a good budget tank?
  6. Anyone else vape?

    I'm about to buy my first box mod. Started with vape pen, now using variable voltage spinner. I'm thinking of getting a Istick 60w or Evic mini. Any suggestions?
  7. You can keep your unlimited data plan

    Glad I didn't switch to a shared plan, I was wondering when they was going to remove it from my account. Any idea on how long we can keep it? I do feel bad for those that was tricked off onto a shared plan.
  8. New Retail Installment plans

    Unlimited data? I thought that was over with did I miss something?
  9. Anyone else vape?

    Where do you order your ingredients? Can you share a recipe?
  10. Let's say it does get 7 hrs screen on time, how long before the battery starts only getting 2-3 hours screen on time and has to be replaced?
  11. I'm going to miss a SD card too. Think I stick with the note 4 for a while. Cloud storage is ok but will consume data if not on WiFi. I only use WiFi at home and friends homes, I don't trust public WiFi these days due to all the exploits going on. If I could continue with unlimited data I wouldn't care as much. The removable battery could be a issue if it has a short life span to it. My note 4 battery is dying faster and faster and it's not quite yet a year old. I'm not rich so I try to keep maintenence costs low as possible if needed. Battery failure would result in professional repair or Do it Yourself repair which maybe too complex for some.
  12. Has anyone tested other xposed modules than wanam.
  13. Mother's day promo

    Free doesn’t mean free anymore in the cell phone business just like unlimited doesn’t mean unlimited.
  14. Lollipop may have just hit

    I'm ready for lollipop but I'm a big fan of xposed.
  15. So by August 15th they will probably have everyone off?