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  1. Texts from US Cellular

    Thanks. I thought it was spam but wanted to make sure. And hell yes Iowa!!!lol
  2. Texts from US Cellular

    Got this text today. Is this a spam text or a real deal from US Cellular? Sent from my SM-G930R4 using Tapatalk
  3. S7 Screen Replacement

    I have insurance. My problem is paying 175 bucks for a refurbished phone. Friend of mine has Verizon and his phone litteraly burned up. He got a free brand new phone from them.
  4. Well I dropped it and broke the screen. Everything still work and I can use it just fine, it just annoys me that it is cracked. Anything I can do about it?
  5. Just got the S7 about 2 weeks ago and lately I have not been getting all the texts sent to me. I know for a fact I didn't get at least 6 from different people yesterday.Doesn't matter what carrier they are on. Odd thing is that later I got different texts from the people that sent the first ones. I'm using Textera for the messaging app. Never had a problem with this on my G3 using the same app. Don't know if having the power saving mode on would have anything to do with it or not. I called tech support and they did a few things and suggested clearing the data from both the stock messaging app as well as Textera to see if that helps but how can ya tell if your not getting texts. Also, is there a way that I can scroll through the different home screens continuously without it stopping and having to go the opposite direction?
  6. Not receiving texts

    If there was a way that when I sent a group text message it showed up in the group message vs the recipient getting an individual message then I would use the stock app. Textra won't send pics half the time and chompsms won't receive texts.
  7. Not receiving texts

    I hate the stock on for group messaging. That's why I switched to Textra. After I cleared a bunch of my texts and made the stock app the default one, texts showed up in the notification bar as notifications from the stock messaging app.
  8. Not receiving texts

    The last 2 weeks I've had at least half dozen people ask me what I didn't respond to their texts. Well I never got them. I was using Textra but switched to Chompsms to see if that would make a difference and it doesn't seem too. Yesterday I deleted some of my messages and got a couple of them to show up. Phone gets restarted every morning. Not sure what else to do, any suggestions?
  9. Group Text Fix?

    Thanks for explaining that for me. I'll definitely check that out.
  10. Group Text Fix?

    Ok one more stupid question. There is a setting for group messaging that says send them as a mms vs sms. Would that cause an increase?
  11. Group Text Fix?

    Well I'll try it again formy next cycle and see what happens. I average probably 3000 texts a month. I dont know if thats considered an unbelievable amount or not. I wouldnt think so.
  12. Group Text Fix?

    Is there a way to change that or am I SOL?
  13. Group Text Fix?

    I was told by the rep at the local US Cellular/Radio Shack(don't shoot me) that downloading an app like that and using it will use up my data.I just assumed it wouldn't cause it so many other people use it.
  14. Group Text Fix?

    Has anyone found a fix for the group chat on the G3. I had textra downloaded but it burned through my data(2GB) before the end of my billing cycle. The stock group messaging is a pain in the rear. All messages come back as individulal messages instead of in the group message. Same when sent.
  15. LG G3 Discussion

    Thats what it is. It's because I have a pin number on the the lock screen. Second question. Is there anywhere that has like a tutorial or something for this phone? I know there was a lot of stuff I missed out on being able to do with my old S3 and I would rather not that happen with this phone.