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  1. [New] Points Program Stopping September 1st

    I was wrong about the lowest cap.. they have Launch with 3/512K and a 150GB cap. Prime Plus is 50/5 with a 350GB cap. 100/10 would be Ultra with a 1TB cap. 150/20 is Ultra Plus with a 2TB cap. The only thing they have above that is Ultra Plus 3T, which is 150/20 with a 3TB cap. I am by no means sticking up for them, they are simply the lesser of two evils here in Iowa. If you aren't getting what you pay for I'd call in and have them look at your modem. When I bumped from Ultra to Ultra Plus last month they had to have a T2 tech manually provision my modem to get the extra speed.
  2. [New] Points Program Stopping September 1st

    I used my rewards points once, about three years ago, to get new phones. Since then they've been sitting there. I won't miss them, but still feel like they lied to me. Oh well, I have no competition around here. I WON'T go back to VZW and their craptastic customer (dis)service. Sprint and AT&T suck everywhere I go except Ames and Des Moines. T-Mobile doesn't serve Boone because iwireless does, and they suck too. Oh well, uscc works well for me and i pay 206 for 3 phones and 10gigs of data. I can't complain about points I didn't use anyhow. The lowest cap on mediacom is 250GB for their lowest speed, I think it's 15/5 . When you go up in speed your cap goes up too. I have a 2TB cap and 150/25, however I normally see 160/30. With the 100/15 the cap was 1TB. I understand that caps suck, but mine is so high that it's been of no consequence to me even with hulu, netflix, and google play music streaming pretty constantly.
  3. MoKee ROM

    I havnt had any dropped calls, using mk2 modem Ah, I'm using NAB, that could be why. I'll give it a shot again tomorrow morning with MK2. Thanks for the info
  4. MoKee ROM

    I really like this rom but I kept dropping calls with it. I restored my backup to rooted stock and everything is fine again. I'll definately keep trying new builds though.
  5. The Galaxy Victory is the closest. Sent from my SCH-R830 using Tapatalk 2
  6. I've downloaded the source and I'm working through building it. I also want to try building one with CM source and see which one runs better. The Galaxy Victory has an unofficial CM 10.1 build so I'm going to talk with the dev and see about collaborating since these two devices are so similar.
  7. Basically, you get the JB update on your phone, and if you can't flash CWM with odin, try this guide. It replaces the locked bootchain some of us got with JB with the unlocked one from ICS so you can flash CWM, then puts the JB bootchain back on your device for compatibility reasons. I still have CWM on my phone and have not had issues with anything since the initial root.
  8. You can follow the guide I put up in the guide section to get root. Sent from my SCH-R830 using Tapatalk 2
  9. No. If you have root and cwm then there's no need to flash the bootchains. Only do this if you can't flash CWM after updating. I don't know what the difference between update sources is, but some of us have not been able to flash CWM after updating. Where did you get your update sethert99? I pulled the update out of the kies folder and flashed it with Odin. I've read of at least one person that had this issue after an OTA update. The S3 Jelly Bean update for most carriers did this too, that's how I was able to find this method of installing CWM.
  10. Axiom 4.1.2 Root & Custom Recovery (CWM) This guide will help those unable to install CWM on their Galaxy Axioms after the recent OTA update to 4.1.2. This is the same method used for the GS3 so it's nothing I came up with, just adapted to work on the Axiom. The issue is that the JB bootchain will not allow you to flash the custom recovery, so we'll downgrade to the ICS bootchain, flash CWM, and then reflash the JB bootchain. This process will increase your flash counter, but Triangle Away! has been reported to work on the Axiom. I'm sorry if this guide seems too technical. Truth be told, if you don't understand this you probably shouldn't be doing what you're doing in the first place. As usual, what you do to your phone is your choice. This worked for me 5 times in a row (I have friends with this phone) but that doesn't mean that stuff won't happen, and if it does it's on you. Grab Axiom 4.1.2 CWM and extract it to a folder on your desktop. Copy to the root of a microsd card and insert it into the phone. Flashing First step is to install the drivers if you haven't already. If you need to dlownload them you can get them from Boot your Axiom into Download Mode by turning the phone off, hold down the home and volume down buttons, and press power til the screen turns on. When you see the screen turn on let go of the power button, but keep holding home and volume down until you see the custom OS warning screen. Open Odin on your PC and plug in your USB cable. Press volume up on your phone. Wait for drivers to install, if necessary. Odin will show a connection if everything is working correctly. In Odin, Click the PDA button and browse to ICS.tar. Uncheck Auto-Reboot and click start. When Odin is finished, pull the battery and reboot the phone back into Download Mode. The bootchain for ICS that you just flashed will allow you to flash CWM. In Odin, click on the PDA button and browse to cwmr6_touch_sch-r830.tar.md5 and click start. When Odin is finished you will have CWM custom recovery on your phone. Reboot your phone into Recovery Mode by following the same steps for Download Mode, but instead of holding volume DOWN and home, press volume UP and home. Install SuperSU by selecting Install zip from sdcard and scrolling down to the file that you saved on your sdcard. When finished, you will have root access and the SuperSU app installed on your phone. Now we need to restore the stock Jelly Bean bootchain. Reboot the phone into Download Mode again. In Odin, click on the PDA button and browse to JB.tar and press Start. When Odin is done you will be rooted,have CWM installed, and be back to your stock Jelly Bean bootchain. Enjoy
  11. I'm working a guide to solve this issue. Sent from my SCH-R830 using Tapatalk 2