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  1. Well, my Samsung ATIV started to fail, so after months, and months of asking U.S. Cellular what their plans were for the Windows Mobile platform, I jumped ship. I saved $50/month. I have a Lumia 735 and with Verizon. The signal strength is better, along with data download. The 735 is a stop gap until the new flagship phones are released in the coming months. It was a good 18 years and I hated to leave but that is life. Good luck to all of you!!! I wish you all the very best. Fredm2002

    I also have the Samsung Ativ Odyssey and my contract is up in 60 days. I have been in contact with Customer Relations for USCC and they tell me the same propaganda, so I am hoping to see a new Lumia phone coming out this summer/fall that has Windows Mobile 10. I read somewhere that Verizon is getting a new one soon that will be a WM 10 phone. I wish USCC would getquit drinking the Apple and Android kool-aid!!! I would stay with USCC for another decade if they would support Windows phones............................. Until my contract has expired I will hold out for a miracle but don't expect one.....
  3. Does any employee or insider of US Cellular have any info on any upcoming Windows Phones that are going to be released in the coming year? I have six months left and using the Samsung Odessy is ok but its already outdated even with the 8.1 developr preview installed. Now that I live in SW Iowa, US Cellular no longer provides a quality signal even though Verizon and Sprint users have great signal, US Cellular users do not......even after you update your roaming list. Looks like my days with US Cellular is coming to a close faster that I had wanted.
  4. Those of us that have a Windows Phone 8 need to know if this is going to be released? I know I can get it from the developer preview but it's not that complicated to push an update that has already been released on other phones with other carriers. If they can't release this on a timely basis, I hate to see what Windows Phone 8.1 will be like?
  5. I read that Samsung is going to showcase their new Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 devices. All new lineup is the article is correct.
  6. I have received some information from a US Cellular Customer Service Rep that they are finalizing a device and it is a matter of days before an announcement. I am thinking it might have something to do with the big Samsung announcement of an overhaul of their lineup on June 18th.
  7. Not trying to start a thing here, but seriously its been months since the release. It is time to give details if they plan on supporting WP 8!!!!!! Enough excuses about the reasons why can't share. Other companies release their line ups ahead of their release. Thanks
  8. No HTC 8S for US Cell (or anyone else)

    I looked at the HTC 8X at a Verizon store last night!!!! Looks awesome and wondering why USCC will not tell its loyal customer base what is going on?? 30 days and counting to end a 13 year relationship!!!
  9. Windows Phone 8

    It's time for USCC to come to the table with quality WP 8 devices. I have been a customer since they came to Iowa and have stuck with them through good devices and some pretty crappy ones. This could be the beginning of the end of our relationship.