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  1. Team Exodus test build

    what you guys need is nebula kernel
  2. Porting

    it's easier to flash partitions over to ls990
  3. my experience with this rom was nornal. never had to do that. did you try restoring efs from your original backup?
  4. i had to manually boot into download mode when it said it needed it on the script.
  5. Bootloop, can't get into download mode

    does d2usc even have any good lp roms?
  6. Bootloop, can't get into download mode

    3.14.1 driver? different computer, usb port, and cable? if all else fails, qhsusb
  7. I'm using my CM repos to build this, which follow the CM naming-scheme for build.prop . I'm sticking with that for the time being. Manually change it if it's a big deal. EDIT: Screw it, I'll change it in the repo THANK YOU SO MUCH where is the smooch emoji? This will save so many users from kdz hell. These are the lines that need it http://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=53451424&postcount=4
  8. I'm also successfully converted and booting sprint's ZVA firmware on all partitions. EDIT: 7/23 - I'm running ls990 twrp with f2fs on cache and data. Nebula kernel and aicp. 3g works, call and text work too. No 4g. Extremely fast running only one core, overclocked to 2880mhz. With thermal paste and copper shim. (autosmp hotplug driver.) Yes, zva modem. To boot into twrp use the up volume button instead of down.
  9. SOLVED: Don't wanna be a hater. but this was caused by jorapi if i'm not mistaken. I had to hex edit the TOT file to change the model number from LGUS990 to us990(the value download mode was giving). I bet if jorapi changed the build.prop to LGUS990 this wouldn't need hex editing. But then again, I could have no idea what I'm talking about EDIT: Jorapi is _already_ fixing the problem. Absolutely wow. Kudos
  10. http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2784670&page=4
  11. CSE flash fails at 2% using z04 kdz
  12. Emergency mode users would much appreciate it if the string 'us990' was changed to 'LGUS990' in the build,prop ,.....
  13. Nah, I wanted to use http://forum.xda-developers.com/lg-g3/development/kernel-777-kernel-t3003115 Who wouldn't... The reason I'm in trouble is I didn't flash the ls990 twrp before doing all of this. So I have no recovery. And the stock ramdisk obviously won't init cm12
  14. I managed to bork recovery, regular boot, and almost download mode. Definitel don't recommend trying to flash this phone to sprint partitions. Now, as I said, no kdzs are working. I keep getting communication errors and upgrade failed errors. I used two computers and several different drivers. The only thing that recognizes my phone is lg mobile support tool(says latest firmware) and lg's flashtool. But I only have the ls990 tot which says it won't crossdl. So If anyone happens to to have the us990 tot file @holden45 I will pay for it obligatory mention.