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  1. By now, the Pixel 3 has launched. My Nexus 6 is still hanging in there, but it's showing its age with occasional lag and freezes. I'm not a fan of the lack of headphone jack on the Pixels, but am willing to get by with the adapter. The only real show stopper for me was US Cellular not (officially) supporting the Pixel 2, and possibly the 3. I was prepared to drop US Cellular and move to Fi....but here's what I found on US Cellular's Facebook page a few days ago --- So I think I'll go ahead and stay w/ US Cellular for now.
  2. Question about Google Fi

    Thanks SO much for your input guys! I was a little worried since I'm in the middle of US Cellular country (Pacific Northwest boonies, east of Cascades). I get good signal at home, but doesn't matter because I'm connected to my wifi, but at work there's no wifi, but excellent USCC signal. Also, when I travel, it's usually to a large city, where I end up roaming, like last week in Vegas. I faithfully follow the TWiT network, and every Tuesday evening I watch their "All About Android" podcast live stream. The latest show mentioned an app that is best used with project fi...it might be the same one you all mentioned. I'll check it out for sure. Now I just need to wait and see what the next Pixel phones will be. can't wait! p.s. wasn't there a way to +1 someone's reputation?
  3. Question about Google Fi

    I'm considering switching to Fi later this year, after the new Pixels launch. For those here that have it...when it hooks to the US Cellular network, is connectivity stable and reasonably fast? Thanks in advance!
  4. Pixel 2?

    I'm planning on going to my local USCC store in a couple days and talk to them...see if they'll activate it if I bring it in. US Cellular recently sent me an email congratulating me on my 19th year with them, so it would be a bit ironic if they lost me because of something like this. lol
  5. Pixel 2?

    I would love to upgra de from my Nexus 6 to the Pixel 2 XL. Unfortunately it looks like I'll have to switch to Google Fi to do that. This is from a few days ago:
  6. Still Have N6?

    Still using my N6 as my daily driver, and still loving it! An occasional slow launch of camera or other app, but otherwise, it's great. I'm waiting to see what the new Pixels will be, if they're any good, I may upgrade. Also still using & loving my Nexus 9.
  7. Outage?

    I got to work a couple of hours ago, and noticed my phone showed 3G instead of LTE, so I called my local store and asked about it. He said there was an outage in another part of the state...also suggested it could be high demand on the towers from a local event. He said to try *228, which I did, and that worked.
  8. Just got my security update installed on my N6, which changed my 5.1.1 from LMY47Z to LMY48I. Android Police has links to various device updates at http://www.androidpolice.com/2015/08/11/links-for-nexus-4-5-6-and-10-ota-updates-incoming-for-all-nexus-devices-to-fix-stagefright-vulnerability/
  9. Lollipop 5.1.1 Released For Nexus 6

    I just got 5.1.1 on my N6...
  10. Billing glitch

    I got my latest billing email a week ago, and noticed the amount that was being auto-paid was $10 more than usual. Just had a chance to go online and check my account. Looks like, other than the many odd fees and taxes, that under the Discounts, where my 15% military discount and the 5% paperless discount is listed, they have CR (credit) next to the 5% amount, but nothing next to the military discount, which is around $9, so it ended up bumping up my bill. As crazy bad as that website is, I wanted to print the bill out so that I'd have it ready to show the local store rep, but it took me forever to find how to do that, a little link buried at the bottom of the page amongst a couple dozen other links! So I click to view the pdf version, but guess what, I get a blank page that says "Your bill is not currently available to view in pdf format. Please try again at a later time!". ugh! I can't believe they're STILL having problems with this crappy system! grrrrr end of rant...for now
  11. After coming home from an out-of-town trip last night, both my Nexus 6 and 7 (2012) got the OTA upate. First did the N6, the "Waiting to download" screen hung for about 10 minutes, then finally went through the motion. I waited to do the update for N7 when I went to bed, but the "Waiting to download" screen stayed on for a long time, longer than 30 minutes. I fell asleep waiting for it! So when I woke up this morning, I finished the update. weird. Edit: Still waiting for 5.1 on my new Nexus 9
  12. Nexus 9 vs Galaxy Tab S 10.5

    Oh, I'm so glad this question was asked (and answered) since I, too, am looking to upgrade to a new tablet. I've had my Nexus 7 for a while, but it is getting laggy and often can't connect to my home wifi. Thanks!
  13. Galaxy S6 & S6 Edge Coming To US Cellular

    I don't blame you for being apprehensive, I've dealt with the bloat myself on the S2, S3, and Note 2. And yeah, Samsung was (pretty much) the last bastion of manufacturers with removable batteries and SD card slots. Hopefully the paring down of apps will leave more space for the user's stuff, and more efficient on the battery life. My Note 2 had great battery life, never needed to swap it out. I think the S6 looks pretty sexy, don't know about the Edge version...I'll wait until my local store gets them in, and go check them out. I *just* got my Nexus 6, so I doubt I'll be switching over/back to Samsung right now.
  14. Galaxy S6 & S6 Edge Coming To US Cellular

    I just noticed that they are already on US Cellular's website: http://www.uscellular.com/samsung/samsung-galaxy-s6.html I agree with Zenzr, apparently Samsung has toned down the bloatware and UI for these phones. I watch Leo Laporte on the TWiT.tv network, and he has always ranted on Samsung and their bloated phones, but lately he has been pretty happy with what they are doing.