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  1. Dial 611 to see if your data is being throttled. To much data usage on 3g can lead to throttling
  2. how much data have you used and what kind of data plan do you have? possible data throttling from usc for usage?
  3. in kinda of a bind.

    Or if it is anything like the S3 flash an international rom and it is as good as bricked.
  4. More Contracts,ending old plans, ending auto pay discount, no more belief point upgrades every year, upgrades from 18 month bumped to 22 months. Lets just say this VZW LG 4g is screaming fast compared to my USC 4g. Speed test side by side on the same server VZW 23 up and 18 down and USC 15 up and 9 down this was at 2 pm so middle of the day. Also VZW customer service for phone setup was top notch and didn't have to wait or have my name put on a list when I walked in the store. Educated people in store that just didn't look at me like deer in the head lights. Quick, easy and my company discount makes it even better.
  5. Well went in to the local store to burn my USCC Rewards Points and was talking to the local saleman. I asked if they had switched to TOPS yet and he said it has been put off for a couple of weeks and I asked how he felt about the recent and upcoming changes and he said he didn't like it. Said there will soon be lots of pissed off customers he has to deal with.

    I wub youSent from my XT901 using Tapatalk 2 LMAO
  7. Downloads unsuccessful?

    no idea, have you tried from a pc at all? I typically do all my downloads via pc and they all come in fine.
  8. Downloads unsuccessful?

    Use Opera there are some known bugs with the developer has to work out with Chrome works for some but not everyone.
  9. Downloads unsuccessful?

    What browser and PC or Mobile?

  11. Buy a couple of cheap GSM phones and grab prepaid sims when you arrive.
  12. Thinking of jumping ship...

    Though if you tether the current unlimited data with tethering package is not available, if you don't tether you will probably have similar service
  13. Thinking of jumping ship...

    That has been a problem here lately. 3 times in the last month 2 of them in the last week our area jsut looses service with no answers as to why. The local manager is a new-car-scent'd vagaclean bag who should keep his mouth shut as he has no idea what he is talking about.