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  1. For those who pre ordered the Galaxy S3 last year...

    That's good news! The quality of the cell radio had been the one nagging concern in the back of my mind, since I've heard such mixed reviews a about the S3. I live in a weak area where my Motorola Electrify just barely gets a good enough signal. My wife has a Note 2 though, and it seems to be very comparable to my Electrify. It may be just a touch weaker, but not much. We've found with her Note 2 that it helps to turn LTE off because the signal for LTE is very weak, yet it seems to prefer that one. When we turn it off it goes to a stronger 3g tower. Maybe the S4 has got that figured out though, I'm hoping... Sent from my Motorola Electrify using Tapatalk 2
  2. Estimated ship dates.

    Interesting, I'm curious when you guys placed your preorders. I placed mine at about 2:30pm on the 16th and was told it would ship in 10-15 days or "possibly sooner, but I can't promise". I wonder if things were still shaping up on US Cell's end of things, or something? But hey, next week sounds great to me! Sure wish there was a way to track theses things online... Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk HD