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  1. R960 Used On T-Mobile

    iRub1out just a note for you, I have the sch-r960 from USCC and the reception is out of this world. To give you an example I am a Mess Hall Manager and do inventory in the Freezer deep in the middle of our building. Everyone including me when I had a Note 2 could not get a sig at all in the freezer. My Mega doesn't even notice when I go in the freezer. I talk to my wife, text or sometimes stream live radio in there, so my boss who was with Verizon and could not get a sig as soon as he walk into the building switch to USCC and bought a Mega like mine. He not never loses a sig. Could it be USCC or the phone, I don't know but I do know I have had nothing but good come from this phone minus no ROMS WHATSOEVER lmao ... I do miss changing out roms but I can live with it. I have huge hands so the Mega fits me like most phones fit other people. Have a great Thanks Giving guys.
  2. No problem, back to fishing lol
  3. Is there anyone who knows if there are any roms other than stock KitKat for the USCC SCH-r960? I have looked high and low. I miss trying out different roms. It is making me miss my Mesmerize....no scratch that lol
  4. R960 Stock 4.4.2 ROM NF1 Odin

    Just out of Curiosity has anyone made a conversion script for the SCH-r960 from the Mega 9200 or other Mega versions? I know there was one that would convert different roms for the Mesmerize from the Fascinate, showcase and Captivate roms, and they worked flawlessly.
  5. http://forum.xda-developers.com/galaxy-mega/help/tutorial-root-cellular-galaxy-mega-t2834233/post54543731#post54543731 If anyone needs any help with this, just let me know. This was posted by vBIGLEWISv originally.
  6. My battery meter is stuck.

    Did that work
  7. My battery meter is stuck.

    Hello Sir, I also have the exact Rom you have remember lol. It happen to me once so I cleared the cashes both of them and it worked.
  8. Anyone out there own a SCH-r960?

  9. Anyone out there own a SCH-r960?

    I have been using this backup you gave me my friend and I will have to say yours was setup different than mine. The one thing I noticed right away, well 2 days later that is, was the battery life. It is wonderful. Ok here is the test I performed, I love to watch movies on the Mega, the norm is 3 movies and the connect to you battery will come up. With your backup rom I watch all 3 lord of the rings and the first Star Trek 1 and 2 the 13th Warrior and started Red October and made it all the way up to the part where they were shooting to at the cook before it faded and then died. The recharge takes a whole lot longer too about 3 hours, before it would charge in about 1 1/2 hours. So I have been using it like I did before and here are what I see so far. Normal use I would get about a day and a 1/2 out of my Mega, now I am pushing 3 days ohh and I never turn on the battery save. I did start using a live background and that did lower the use a lot but still got a full 2 days out of it. Dude what did you do to your phone to get that kind of battery life, I have to know. I have looked at every setting and can not figure it out. I do know this .... I will not mod this at all wow its like getting a super phone. Thanks again, Hats off.
  10. Anyone out there own a SCH-r960?

    Ok Thanks to ttcfan4476 who provided a recovery copy my Mega is up and running WooHoo. The key was deleting the nandroid.md5 file and that was it everything installed great. Man I am so grateful !!! Thanks again TTCFAN4476
  11. Anyone out there own a SCH-r960?

    oh and it just sat in the sending lock information for a long time before failing this time
  12. Anyone out there own a SCH-r960?

    Just tried it...it failed at the same place
  13. Anyone out there own a SCH-r960?

    yea did it in phone too same thing
  14. Anyone out there own a SCH-r960?

    Humm that didnt work it failed at the end
  15. ttcfan4476 What recovery did you use. The there are only 2 backup files in there a data.ext4 at 637 megs and a data.ext4.win at 48 bits. I did a fresh backup so I could just move the files over. Mine had 11 dif files in it...humm interesting. I am Using CWM-recovery what are you using?