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  1. Monthly Security Update OTAs

    Hopefully wugs will have the boot img with root when selecting the current build available in the toolkit. In essence my hope is I can be ahead of the ota, as it takes a few weeks once Google releases the build till the ota hits. If ahead of the ota then no issues will occur as the ota won't push since the build is already there. Likely living in LA LA land. Till then not manually rooting monthly as it has become more of a pain than its worth. Was fine with mra58k. Once mra58n hit then the issues started with twrp, super su , and getting the corrupt boot message. Thanks Google.
  2. I just flashed 58n tonight and wugs doesnt have anything for it. Downloaded directly from google. All fine untill trying to push root files. Phone goes into corrupted message. Wont go away without reflashing the 58n file again. Retried root same issue. Going back to 58k until more is released here.
  3. Update today?

    I had no issue last month. Just tedious to do over and over. I'd rather do it every other patch or so than every month. Just nice to have the option to opt out and do it as I wish to than take them all every month when the ota shows up on phone.
  4. Update today?

    These will be monthly patches going forward from my research. What is the particular ota update app? I'd rather just freeze it with tibu and flash every so often than go stock back to root and back every month.
  5. Sounds like this is a monthly patch moving forward from what I read. Being rooted how big of a pita is this going to be as opposed to just going back to stock? Cant use twrp to flash the downloaded update as it fails. Will try wugs nrt to go back stock, update, restore twrp backup. Any advice?
  6. Buying out upgrade-how it works?

    If anyone has noticed the belief points needed per month has increased to 1750. Used to be 1000. Then 1300. Now 1750. They can shove the points up their ass. Almost pointless at this point to even offer them. I think us cell realized that as Android has advanced and evolved and that devices needed to support the new versions doesn't suffice offering upgrades as early. It also seems as if I went from 18 to 24 months between upgrades as well. I have had us cell for a long time and feel like they have sold out from what they were.
  7. Next Update

    Thanks. Used tibu to freeze updater 4.1.2-30 and the notification went bye bye.
  8. I have to change it periodically but I go into dev options and limit background to 2 processses. That saved my battery a lot. I also went inot my app settings individually and either disabled the background ot notifications if I didn't want them and also changed the refresh interval for the ones I do want background to more time between. In the plant I am in I bounce 4g-3g all day long. Even after heavy use have never hit below 10% by close to 18 hrs of use before charge.
  9. Screen moving at random times

    If you have disabled or messed with any apps preinstalled, I would enable all of them and weed them out one by one till you find cause. Otherwise factory reset?
  10. Electrify M Root - ICS

    I root to have a custom recovery with a backup. Especially for games and any other app that will lose its data when changing phones or any other cause of that data loss.
  11. I just stated a issue for any current tibu user to know. I purchased a pro key now. I have used tibu for years and have too much backed up with them. And I have no problem paying for an app I use frequently with good results.
  12. Found out last night after tibu update that you can not freeze w/o having pro version. Did it before w/o having to have pro. Tried multiple times to be told to purchase a pro key to freeze.
  13. Only need one file. Don't know anything about twrp. In cw you hold vol up and then select install zip from external SD. This thread should be updated to include cw recovery. Other than deleting one system file it is child's play to install. I have had it on 4 phones and trust its backup/restore and overall functionality. For dummies or not, if you can't flash cw and delete a file you shouldn't be trying to root and I am by far from being an expert.