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  1. TWRP

    I would build something more custom, but I can't build JB with a 32bit processor appearently, and I have no 64bit systems here (and sure not going to use a virtual system).
  2. TWRP

    Not sure if anyone cares anymore, but here's another recovery for the Axiom from me. It's not fully tested, it did make a full backup and restore, so it can't be that bad, but there's always the potential for damage. Enjoy
  3. Axiom root for ICS with CWM Touch!

    Hmm... weird, I let the Odin update flash the bootloaders and I was able to reflash my CWM recovery.
  4. Axiom root for ICS with CWM Touch!

    Here's the odin update for JB: I'll edit if CWM rooting still works. Edit: Yup, still works.
  5. Flash Counter

    Developing Clockwork Recovery for this device, along with other various testing that I was curious about (mainly running true linux on the device).
  6. First try at making a rom and CWM recovery

    More than likely will just not update, usually the update script has some kind of check for the model that will fail if you try to apply to the wrong device.
  7. Flash Counter

    Works here too... Mine was getting pretty high too, 75.
  8. First try at making a rom and CWM recovery

    Shouldn't be a problem, the Axiom ICS kernel should work just fine, with only some minor tweaks to the init scripts in the initrd.
  9. First try at making a rom and CWM recovery

    I'm just saying it's the only one that's compatible enough to boot out of the box (so to speak), other may be close enough that the kernel will physically boot, but no display, no touch screen, no audio... Not much point. It's not so easy to just "insert kernel driver here" either, on SoCs a lot of the drivers are sometimes tied in with the board init code for that system.
  10. First try at making a rom and CWM recovery

    The Axiom can boot the Victory kernel with out mod (though the touch buttons and touch screen don't work), it's a better choice IMO. I'll look into the Droid though, but I'm willing to bet the LCD isn't the same (Victory has the same LCD as the Axiom). A GS3 android core could probably work with the stock kernel though, so that may be a way in for a jellybean port.
  11. First try at making a rom and CWM recovery

    Galaxy Victory is very close, but it's in the same boat as we are.
  12. Axiom root for ICS with CWM Touch!

    I have the sources, but there's something weird with my JB build environment, so I haven't really played with it too much.
  13. Axiom root for ICS with CWM Touch!

    With as little dev support this phone has, I'm not worried about the shifting issue... It's livable and gets the job done, you don't spend much time in recovery.
  14. CWM Recovery 6 for SCH-R830

    The touch recovery is safe.
  15. CWM Recovery 6 for SCH-R830

    I used it to update su and the SuperUser app, not that they needed to be done via recovery, but as a test it worked... So it's working. I've also done a backup that seems to complete, though I haven't tried to restore one yet (haven't needed to).